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»ld, MA 01257 
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It was the Best of times, it was the worst ot times, it was the age of wisdom; it was the 
age of foolishness, it was the epoch of helief , it was the epoch of incredulity, it was 
the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the 
winter or despair, we had everything .before us, we had nothing before us, we were all 
going directly to heaven, we were all going direct the other way... 

— Charles Dickens 

Mount Everett Regional School, Sheilield, Massachusetts 


Petra Willig 


Christopher W. Doyle 
Rachel Ocain 
Julie Webster 


Lucas Moulton 


Alice Fales 


Joshua Brooks 
Robert Driscoll 


Jason Cross 
Jane Reilley 


Christopher Doyle 


John Flynn 


Ellen Hamm 
Tanya Hutton 


Kris tie Lord 


Cara Malnati 


Erin Reilley 


Jessica Sawtelle 
Christina Tigfhe 


Jennifer Schneider 
Vanessa Poulos 


Ellen Hamm 
Tanya Hutton 




4 Seniors 

20 Awards/Credits 

^U'-a v^enenclar . ................... 

26 Juniors... 

30 Sopnomores...... 

34 Fresnmen 

38 Activities.. 

44 8tli Graders 

46 7tn Graders 

48 West Side Story 

50 Paris/Madrid 

52 Spring Sports 

58 Prom 

62 Fall Sports 

70 "As You Like It"......... 

74 Winter Sports 

86 Index 

SS Epilogue 

Aurigfan, 1998, Volume 43, is prepared by members of trie 
Senior Class, Mount Everett Regional School, Sheffield, 
Massachusetts. Due to the deadlines and delivery restraints, this 
yearbook spans the period of time from February, 1997, to 
February, 1998. 


Lee -Ann Agar 

Angela Anselmi 

Ernest Beckwith 

Josnua Brooks 

Kenneth Brooks 

Joseph Burke 


Scott Cameron 

Brooke Cangfer 

Bryan Chadwick 

Jason Cross 

Christopher W. Doyle 

Christopher Doyle 

Robert Driscoll 

Emily Edelman 

Alice Fales 



John Giacoia 

Tina Haddock 


David Hall 

Ellen Hamm 

Heather Hardisty 

Tanva Hut ton 

Chad Kr2;ynoweh 

Amanda LaRose 

Tracy Labshere 

g|| I/ffli 

Rohert LeBeau 

Jason Learnard 

Meghan Licata 

Un Jung Lim 

Kris tie Lord 

Car a Malnati 

Robert Martin 

Cody McCaLe 

MaryBeth Moskowit? 

Lucas Moulton 

David Nettleton 


Rachel Ocain 

Vanessa Poul 


Erin Reilley 

Jane Reilley 

Jessica Sawtelle 

William Schiller 



Jenniier Schneider 

Kady Schwab 

Kevin Thomas 


Justin Thomson 

Christina Tighe 



B ( 



: r . . a ■■" ■'-. ' 

■ ■■■■til 




» II .. ' s 

Jeremy Vallianos 

Joseph Vaugfhan 

Julie Webster 

Petra Willig 



msMo^nss /mz> ^oovs^ss... 


Lee-Ann Agar 1/29/80 Gt. Brrngtn, MA. Chrldgl234-C P t4, 
Hnrsl234. I may be leaving, but I'm not gone. Remember the time, 
and I'll remain strong. To all my friends-I will never forget any or you. 
MC-Let's go ekopping, little Mel. Remember, "we will survive." AA-You 
may be tbe last, but you can do it. Mom+Dad-Thank you for 
everything. I couldn't nave done it without you. I love you both. FC-I 
did it, ton. I'm finally out. Thanks for everything. You mean the world 
to me. I love you. 

Angela Maria Anselmi 1/10/80 Brnxvll, NY. Chrsl234, 
Hnrsl234, NHS34, Plyl, Prm3, SADD234, Vl y bl234. 

Mom+ Dad-Thanhs for the support you've always given me. I love you. 
AA+JA-Good luck in high school. MBM, CT, JS, CM, UJL+EH-We 
have shared fun memories over the years. I'll never forget them. I love 
you guys!! Don't forget "ooh baby" -I'm still embarrased! 
EC+KC-Good luck you guys - I'll be seeing you around. Sascha-I love 
you always, forever. 

Ernie Richard Beckwith III 12/7/79 Pttsfld, MA Hna.1234. 

Joshua Carney Brooke 12/10/79 Lng Bch, CA Bsbl4, 
ClsOfl4-Trsl-VP4, Hmsl24, PrLdrl234, PrMedl234, Prm3, 
SADD4, Sccrl234-Cpt, TwnMt3, Wrstlgl234-Cpt, Ecn4. Good 
gravy these 4 years have most surely flown by. Mom+Dad-Thanks. 
Sibs-Follow my lead. JC-My sleeping bag's on fire. JAV-What's up 
chubbs. CES-I'll always love you. CED-The N.American continent 
awaits us. BC-Star Spangled Banner. JF would it satisfy you if we 
engage in a confrontation? Trudy Vonn Steppenwolf-The prettiest girl 
I know. BT- Years in wrestlin-Keep yourself outa trouble. JW- You're a 
safe, responsible, and active person. ES -Where's my shirt? 
BOB-Flapjacks on the ceiling, eeyyaa! TH-Got you last. JB-Trim your 
alfalfa. SC-Good noodles. JV-Fight for your credit. JG-HLNEE.CAN. 
CK-All the good times... Do the best with what you're given. 

Kenneth Bernard Brooks 4/18/80 Gt Brrngtn, MA. Hnrsl234, 
NHS34, Nws2. 

Joseph S. Burke 10/29/80 Pttsfld, MA Bndl2, JzBndl2, 

MrchBndl2, Bsk34, ClsOf4, FmCmml2, Glfl2, Ply34. To all my 
friends-Peace out. J V-We got to take the power back! JW-My main 
homegirl, I love U. JV-My main homeboy. CB-My sister the monkey. 
PW-We know meat! TH-"But heavenly Rosalind" SC-Peace Lambie 
Pies. JB, CD, JF, JG-Stay away from the mihtary. BC-We're gonna 
have a band. JK-Yeah, it's the snake. CD-Fredrick!! ES-Ezzy the 
weanie. DH-A big shout out. RD-Big Bobby D. JC-Mick Mick 
Micken. VP + PW-Yo! homegirls. Thanks to all my friends for putting 
up with me, I do have a big head. Free Peltier. Free Mumia, Free 
Tibet! Hasta la Victoria siempre - Che Guevara. 

Erin J. Cameron 2/16/79 Honululu, HW. Hnrs34, Ply2. Oh 
mylanta! At last.. .Deep breath, hmm. To all my babies: AM, KS, DW, 
LG, TL, AJ, JW, (and all the rest of you freaks) -Momma has left the 
building. DH, AH-Chemistry in the science lab. NL-Come on baby, hit 
me with some dope beats, Ha! BC-You are a sweetheart. To the lunch 
crew-That's nice. ..The girl's room, may the legacy continue, it's a 
mystery. That's all folks! Bye! Oh, yeah, wait, I almost forgot, thanks 
to all the amazing teachers and administration for interesting me in 
learning again. Thanks to family for sticking with me, thanks for the 

Scott Hancock Cameron 12/22/79 L.A., CA. Thank you, those 

who have supported me. #1 fan-Most thanks. JV-You can use my car 
anytime. JV -Thanks for the Stomach checks. J + CB-Poor Burkesters. 
MS-Dirty kid. PW-We know meat. JG-Savin' his Soul! JC-Micro. 
JB-Good Ramen. RD-I shot my lubaday. JF-Best party I ever drove 
past. CD-atariteenageriotules! BC-We won! ER-I've missed you a lot. 
JW-I owe you. JR-Candy. ES + ZW-Be good to Snake. JK-STay sane. 
]M, PA, EH, SM + OS-Not the same without you. AF-Time. SB, 
KD, GC-Tne Kids. Tbe one reason I have attended this year is for my 
class. -S.p.d.l.p.H.b.n.b.k.C. 

Brooke Ann Canger 7/3/80 Pttsfld, MA. To everyone, you know 
who you are, no matter where you end up, always keep your memories 
with you. Mom, Dad, Kar, Lee — I know my actions may not always 
show it, but you'll always be #1 in my heart I love you. Chad — you'll 
forever be with us. Don, Stort, and Gauth, you are the greatest; I 
couldn't have done it without you. Everyone else, see you later — bye. 

Bryan D. Chadwick 3/16/80 Spmgfld, MA. 
Bndl234-SctLdr234, JzBndl234, MrchBndl234, ClsOf2, 
Hckyl234-C P t4, Hnrsl234, NHS34, Sccrl234-C P t4, SRSCom2. 

Boy's Varsity Soccer: 'You miss this, you suck." PW-We know meat! 
JB-Your head is enormous! CWD-Spazz! CED-Boardin'! JK-The 
snake. JV-My brother's in a trash can! BT-Buster! JG-Notorious 
G.I.G.! JC-WAH! BD-It's been real! JB-American Agriculture. Free 
Mumia. Abu-Jamal! The multitude is punished for the transgressions of 
a few! All else-Good luck! Have fun! In the future I desire more 
knowledge and love of you all. 

Jason K. Cross 7/14/80 Pttsfld, MA. Bsbl3, Glfl23, Hcky234, 
Prm3, SADD34, Sccrl234, Yrbk4, E-1234. Fam-Thanks for being 
there. JB-The drummer boy. BC-Word ya boardin fool. BJ-Gretz Roy. 
JG+JV-Party animals. JV-Your teams suck. CD-My collarbone, cl2. 
CK-I won't forget you. JF-You hockey pro. BT-Easy on your car. 
RD-BLOB. JB-Big Head. KL, RO, TH-Easy ladies. MG-Chillout. 
SC-Your house rocks. Later, Mickin. 

Christopher Emerson Doyle 5/1/80 Gt. Brrngtn, MA. 
Hcky234, Hnrsl234, Prm3, Sccrl234, SGRep3, Yrbk4, E-4. Trust 
everybody in the game, but always cut the cards. To my family-I love 
you all. Martha-Thanx for all of the years of criticism and 
encouragment. JB-America awaits us!! JF-Chillin. JV+JG-Hopps, 
Barley, and water! BT-Speeding, partying, and great times! CK-So 
many great memories. BD-Get a good deal on telegraph Rd!! 
MC-What's up pegleg? BC-Wanna go boarding? JV+JB-Anger is a 
gift!! JW-The Queen. TH-I'll always be your temp, boyfriend. HH-Got 
any gum? RO-Yo, Rack!! ZS, ZW, JK-It's all yours, Good luck!! 

ROGER 19ER! CWD-Too bad I'm the original! VP, JR, ER, PW-I 

love you all! KL- You're too cute! 

Chris W. Doyle 6/26/80 Pttsfld, MA. Sccr24, Wrstlg234, 
Yrbk4, Trck34. The time has come for us, the class of 98, to set forth 
in to the unknown, the reality of the world! We now need to make our 
visions, our mental creations of our future states, our lives. I appreciate 
the help of the staff and to my friends a final good-bye - Long live the 

Rohert Edward Drt'scoJI 9/15/79 Fyttvlle, NC. Bsbll, BysSt3, 
Hnrsl234, NHS34, PrLdrl234, Prm3, QzTml, Sccr234, 
SRSCom34, TwnMt3, Yrbk4, Ecn4. Drat! These 4 fantastic years 
have sure flown by. To my family-Thanks. JCB-Friend, Farmer, 
Fellowcountryman, good luck on the squash farmin. JMV-Now can I 
go? CK-It's all good. CD+BT-Hey, Hey, Hey! JG-Mushy, wonky, 
green apple innards. JV-In Yo face! JC-I don't have any money! JB-Join 
the U.S. military. BS-Going to the Great Wall? JF-Feasible 
get-together. BC-No turn on red. CWD-Spazz. SC-Later Lamie Pies. 
CM-Happy? ES-It's fun and it goes! TH, JW, RO, KL, ER, JR, VP, 
PW-It's been real. To everyone, farewell. 

Emily Anne Edelman 9/11/80 Pttsfld, MA. Chrs4, GmClb24, 
Hnrs4, Ply24, QzTm2, TwnMt2, WDA4. Ah, hello! It's lovely to see 
you all here! DM-Doing! BD-You're gonna marry Scully! JT-Look at 
all the tables! JM-Hosea 4:6. RH, JW, CT, JL, MR, AC, FM, and 
Mrs.C. -You guys are the greatest! BV-My sister, I couldn't have done 
it witnout you! TO KW and anyone else who cares: Alces olim meam 
sororern mornordit! 

Michael Eichsledt 2/15/79 



Alice Laura Fales 2/26/81 Pttsfld, MA. Hnrsl234, Ply2, Yrtk4. 
JT-Going to tke post office, te tack in 2 Jays. Lexy's house ana rickety 
ladders. 25c only on Friday's. Love ya. LM-Don't forget my 
grandmotker's kouse. BS-Lestian incest. KT-Tkanx lor always 
treating tke instant cappicino mackines. CWD-I love you forever. 
AV-Make tke most of it. Adios! RM-Can you give me a ride kome? 
Lex-Tkanx for always listening. You're my one and only sister, forever. 
To everyone else-You get only one ckance in life, don't let it pass you by. 

John Joseph Flynn 6/6/80 Ckrlstn, SC. Bstl234, ClsOf4, Trs4, 
Xcntry234-Cpt4, Hcky234, Hnrs23, PrLdr34, Prm3, SADD4, 
Yrtk4, E-4. acouplelastremarks-totkeboys-JB-wannafigkt?! 
CED-yo,cookn'out! !BD-controlyourself ! !JC-doesyouranklekurt? JJV&JG 
tormnorowmorning? ? ?alltkerest- tkere sapartyatmykouse ! ! ! 
tkanksforlistening! !ER, PWJR-mygirls ! ! ! RO&KL-2ofakind! ! CH K-i 
respectyoulikemytrotkerandwon'tforgetyou!!! tomyfamily-it'smyturn!?! 
"strike tke tent"-r.e.lee-JF-signingoff!?. 

John Albert Giacoia 11/26/79 Dnkry, CT. BysSt3, Ckrsl2, 
ClsOfl4-VPl-Prs4, GmClkl234-VP3-Prs4, Glfl234-C P t4, 
Hnrsl234, NHS234-Prs4, PrLdr4, Prm3, QzTml2-Cptl2, 
SADD234, Sccr234, TwnMtl234, Wrstlg234-C P t4, Yrbk4, Ecn4. 
Kadzooks, it's over. "Me and tkis guy gotta get a clue!"-CK. 
Mom+Dad-Tkanks for everytliing. MG-I'm yoda tke crazy pyro. 
PG-Skmoogaklytoo. BD-Tkat's a wacky kairdo. JF-Englisk sckolar. 
CD-Smoke * JB-Yogurt fairy. JV-Get off tke lawn. 

KT-Oy zaw pu. CM-HA HA! JW-Guess wkat, Stort found 
out...RM-Wkere's Bams? FK, EB-WONKS! DH-It's done. 
RO-Don't you want Bob? JB-Umm. .venture capitalist. BC-Blown-up 
transistors. SC-Look, a new kind! JV- I ou guys okay. ' Take pride in 
everytking you do, take nothing for granted, and kve life to tke fullest. 
Until we meet again, skine on you crazy diamonds. 

Tina Marie Haddock 10/8/80 Skm, CT. To my family-I love 
you all! To my friends-It's been a trip! Good luck in tke future, I kope 
everyone gets to wkere tkey are going. AT-Be good! It's been fun! 

David Bryan Half 3/16/79 Trrngta, CT. Bsbl4, Bsk4, FmCm4 
Wrstlgl2. Peace to Moms and Step. Tkanx to my real Dad for not 
being around. JM-Tkanx for tke lectures. JM-More wings. JB-Want 
some candy. HP-Tkanx for ckillin. DL-Tkanx for being cool. 
VC-Forever my sis and I miss you. ML-My test friend. I miss you too. 
JL-Upckeck. AM -My locoweta. ZW-Let's fly to Jamaica. CW + 
NL-Wkat's my name? JV-Love it or leave it, socialists pig! JH-Wanna 
smoke. JV-Hoop dreams. CD+JB-Peace. EC-Mr. Tkomas' room. 
JF-Let's party. BT-Still grounded. DN-Get tusted. ES-Never gonna 
get it. JG-More for us, none for tkem. Peace to anybody I forgot. To 
everytody else, get out of kere before it kills you. And see you all wken I 
make my millions. 

Ellen Tlieresa Hamm 8/16/80 Bldr, CO. Bsk2, Ckrsl234, 
ClsOfl3-Prsl-Sct3, HniBl234, MdrgU, NHS234, PrLdrl234, 

Ply34, Prm3, Rtr24, SADD234, Sccrl234, Yrtk4. CM-I will always 
lend an ear. Yes, I love you too! MB-3 mile + Lake George = Trouble 
and fun. CT-Back roads and college fairs are tetter! I love you! 
UL-Someday you will let loose and party. Em and Luke-I will miss and 
love you totk! AA-Kevin Spacey and Mel Gitson. Older men are test! 
Mom and Dad-your patience is increditle. Tkank you. Skanna, 
Gordon, and nttle Pete-I'm going to miss you. TH-My kttle daugkter 
XXOO. To sun, sand, and warm water. 

Heather Marie Hardisty 3/1 1/80 Gt. Bmngtn, MA 
Ckrsl234, Hnrsl, Ply3, Prm3, SADD3, Vlytl234. To my 
family-Tkanks for everytking. CT-Crazy car rides, swingsets, coydogs, 
t-day parties; your awesome sista! ST-How tig was tkat ckip, toating 
rules. JH-You turnt my kair! I luv ya kun. Angel + Spice -Glow in tke 
dark crayons 4-ever; I love you sknookurns. AB-Clouds, cowtipping, 
PARTY; You're tke test. EH+ML-Nigktclut, dd gum, Eiffel Tower, 
and tke rest of wild times we leave in Paris/Madrid. DZ-Hey, cuz, 
wkat's up? Bowtng tall? CD-Do u kave any gum? JS-I'm tkere 4 ya if 

you ever need to talk. ML, JL, ES-Anotker one kites tke dust; our 
creation of ice cream sundaes. TH-Time will eventually keal. Jamie-U 
always make me smile. You're forever in my keart. I love you! 

Tanya Louise Hutton 10/28/79 Cklnd, OH. ClsOf3-Prs, 
GrlsSt3, Hnrsl234, PrLdrl23, PrMedl23, PlyL234, Prm3, 

SADD1234, SCncl234, Sccrl234, Sfttl234, Yrtk4, AtvGr4. 

Family-I love U and tkanx for everytking. CH-If tke trutk is out tkere, 
you'll be tke one to find it. JW-I do love tkee witk tke same weigkt you 
love me. FM-My girlfriend. Soccer girls-Tkanx for coming over, you 
rock. JSB-Ok, my dear Orlando. PW-Dave? It's 3! VP-I guess I'll 
protatly never catck up. I luv U. ER-Will you be my skrink? JR- You're 
- my spice girl. RO-Wanna get ckinese food? EH-Next time you do tke 
dtass, cinnaturst? KL-I'll always love ya, you know tkat. AM -You're 
great, I still kave your present. CED-I'm not really going to be you're 
porn star. JF-Well? RD-See ya in Seattle. JAV+EZ-Let's watck 
Starskip Troopers. JB-Nice truck, anyone got lipstick? Tke 
Boys-Watck your tacks! JC-You stink more. Not as muck as I do. 
CK-Wkat? I'll always love you. "I kad ratker kave a fool to make me 
merry than experience to make me sad; and to travel for it 

Neil Jam'ieson 6/12/80 

Frank Keflog 8/2/80 Gt. Brrngtn, MA. Bsk2, Hnrsl234. Are 
spider monkeys kappy? If your pizza isn't tkere in 30min it's gonna te 
cold. Tke same is tke same only once, and tke only tking tkat is 
impossitle is impossibility. Em-Some folk are gonna lose a toe. 
AF-Brady is dead. KT-See a psyckologist! To all: Enjoy tkis 

Cltad Hatch Krzynowek 11/17/79 Pttsfld, MA. SADD1234, 
FrnssCml234, PrLdrl234, PrMedl234, XCntryl, Sccr2. Great son, 
great trotker, great grandson, great friend, great citizen. Live life to tke 
fullest, care atout people, make everyday count. 

Amanda Joy LaRose 3/18/80 Gt. Brrngtn, MA. Hnrs234. 
Mom I made it witk no compkcations! I love you! JZ-You kad best be 
witk me at graduation! JM, CE, BL, AT, AT, HS, MD, BD, TS, 
MP-Hang in tkere guys, you'll make it! Sue and Rotin wkat will you do 
witkout me? WC you're a great friend. Julia-let's go out to tke sked! I 
WUV OQO\ So long Mt. Everett. 

Tracy Ann Lahshere 7/17/80 Gt. Brrngtn, MA. Ckrldgl2, 
Hnrs34. Dad, Nan, + Gram-Tkanks for pusting me to do tke test I 
can. I love U. Keitk-My Uttle trotker, just remember I will always te 
tigger than you. RO-Let's play truck stop. KL-Don't eat too many 
grapes. You know wkat tkey do. Love ya. CW- You're a great friend, 
keep in touck. TH-You are never going to teat me, Love ya tunckes. 
Ckarne-rememter tke good times. Forget tke tad. I love you. 

Robert J. LeBeauJr. 9/19/79 Nrwck, CT. Bnd34, MrckBnd34, 
Bekl234, Ckrsl2, Glfl234, MmSkwl23, PrLdrl234, PrMedl234, 
Ply 123, Prm3. Tkanks! To my family and friends for being tkere for 
rne. CK-It don't matter so muck tke ride you kave, as kow well you ride 
it. I'll never forget you. Wkat is life tut a series of folkes? Tke 
difficulty is to find tkem to do. Never lose a ckance; It doesn't come 
every day. 

Jason M. Learnard 1/3/80 Dvr, NH. Bstl4, Bsk34, Sccrl234. 
I like to tkank God for getting me tkrougk 13 years of sckool. I like to 
tkank my friends PR, MR, RR in Florida for kelping me tkrougk 
sckool all tkese years. I kad a great time in sports, tke coackes were tke 
test (GC "tenck" + CH) JV-Kill Mumia, Just kidding. JB-Your kead is 
tke fattest in tke world. 




Meghan Jewel Licata 10/2/78 Dnvr, CO. BsblMngr2, 

Chrldgl234, Hnrs3, MmShw3, Nws4, PrLdr34, SADD3. Mom and 
Dad I love you. Thanx SALE. Thanx for everything. WS-I love you, 
we nave Lad many good times and there's more to come. TB-Trains, 
bedrooms, you're great, I love you. CH, CB-I love you. 
MC-Everytking possible. TB-I give you Rex so you will have a real 
horse. MM+CP-How did you get my car out? To everyone else I love 

Un Jung Lint 4/28/80 Seoul, Korea. Chrsl4, CkOfl3-Sctl-Tis3, 
Hnrsl234, MrnSkw234, NHS234, PrLdrl24, Rtr4, SADD4, Sccr3, 
Sftt23. 2 the people I care akout, EH, CM, AA, MM, CT, JSx2, LM 
+ all tkose unnamed, U know wko UR, remember tke run times, let's 
kury my trask, it's time 2 follow our dreams. Ss-My only bro, we've got 
to stick togetker. Best wiskes 2 all, 4 tke future and kave fun 
responsibly. Tkanks 2 my family, tke strongest foundation I've built my 
life from. I love U Grandma + pa. Soccer dominates so women skould 
play. Growing takes time, someday we'll learn 2 water ourselves. 

Kristie Ann Lord 5/10/80 Pttefld, MA. PrLdr234, Plyl2, 

Sccrl234, Sftkl, TwnMtl. Mom, Dad +family-Tkanks for puttin' up 
witk me, I love you. JG-Your tke best, I love you. CHK-Papa bear you 
will always live in my keart. RO-We are forever a family and are forever 
togetker 'till tke end. PW-Love tkose hockey players. TH-Wease, you 
freak kut your a great friend. CD-Pink couck. TL-Thanks for being 
tkere. JR, ER, CT-Judd's, say ckeese. BT-Drive safely. MH + SO-Ok 
ya and then...KR-We kad tke best of times and tke worst times but I 
still love you. TO EVERYONE - Life's too skort, take notking for 

Cara Wen Malnatt 9/2/80 Pttsfld, MA. Bndl234-SctLdr34, 
MrckBndl234, Bskl2, CW234, CES2, Hnrsl234, NHS234, 
PrLdrl234, Prm3, Rtr24, SADD234, TwnMtl23, Vlyb234-C P t34, 
Yrbk4, HOBY2- Mom + Dad-Thank you for giving me my senior 
year. I love you. W+S-Dunkin Donut runs, kairballs, and "Edelweiss." 
MBM-Sundaes, skopping, + guy proklems. G+G-Tkanks for 
everytking. CT-Tkree! AA-May Day! EH-San Diego, Plan B, "I need 
advice!" UL-Our biospkere, Tuesday mornings. JG-Stop tke "ka-ka's"! 
RD-"Hi, Bob." PS -Tkanks for all tke memories we've skared and for 
tke ones yet to come. 

Robert Michael Martin 8/17/80 Gt. Brmgtn, MA. 
GmClbl234, Glfl2, Hnrsl234, SADD4, Sccr24, E-1234. Mom 

and Dad tkanks for pusking me tkrougk kigk sckool. To BS, LM, AV, 
AF, KT, and JT for always being in tke kail between classes to talk and 
kave candy. LM -Anytime you need to keat someone in pool, just call. 
KT-Don't ever cbange. AF-Don't stay snort forever. JT-Don't get lost 
in my smoke. 

CodyMcCahe 2/28/80 Pougkkps, NY. Bnd234, JzzBnd234, 

Bsk4, Glf34, MmSkw3. I'd like to start by tkanking my family and 
friends for being tkere to support me. Tkanks to Mr. Gautkier for 
encouraging me to start playing golf. Also tkanks to Mrs. Storti for 
kelping me get tkrougk Englisk III and IV. Tkis last year at Mt. 
Everett went by quickly. Tkanks to all of tke teackers for making classes 
not so boring and easy to get tkrougk. Last kut not least, I'd k\ke to 
thank Mr. Blackburn for possibly starting me on my career witk music. 

Anne Moore 4/3/80 Gt. Brmgtn, MA. Bskl, Vlybl23. Tkis is 
not really me at all/stunt girl, daring twirls,/watck me fall/carbon copy 
sister/different kears/can't tell anymore tke/real parts. KS-R+C baby! 
TH-We should kang out! EC-Mona, baby loves you! JV-Rage still sux! 
CK-Always in out bearts + everyone on tke outside viva la clubkouse! 

Mary Beth Moshowitz 12/31/79 Bmxvll, NY. Chra34, 
Hnrsl234, Prm3, SADD3, TwnMt23. To my family-Thanhs for 
everything, love you guys. CM-Cruising around listening to Meatloaf. 
CT+EH-Always remember 3 mile pond. AA-What can I say we 
corrupted you. UJL-Keep up tke kard work. JS -Races and ckasing 
people. Lake George was fun guys. LM-My kttle bro. CWD-Thanks for 
being tkere for me. MH-ckorus. RJ.-I love you. Good luck to everyone. 
I'll miss you. 

Luhe D. Moulton 4/29/80 Gt Brmgtn, MA. BysSt3, 
GmClb234, Hnrsl234, Prm3, SADD34, Sccrl234, Wrstlgl234, 
Yrbk4, Trck34. Wkat's up? Morn+Dad tkanks 4 everytking, I will 
always love you. D+M-Stay cool. JM-Good luck witk soccer, never 
forget bus8. SH-You will always be my hodygaurd,, IP-Here's to tke 
cape 4- sittin' around. KT-Your better tkan everyone. AF-You're buff. 
Jen-Rick says Hi. JS-Good luck + bekave yourself. JT+RM- Stay cool. 
AV-Solubrious. EH-We need a flask kgkt. CM-Nice PJ's. To everyone 
else, I'll miss ya. 

David Calvin Nettleton III 9/12/79 Grnd Jncte, CO. 
XCntryl2, Nws3, Yrbk3. Tkanks to tke Nettleton Family-I love you 
Mom and Dad. Pete Ripley- You are tke kest friend I ever kad. 
Snowboarders rule, skiers drool. PW-I love you. Wko are all you people, 
wkat are all you people doing in my kouse? BT-stay out of tke tree 
farm. Erin and Jane are insane. How kigk is kigk? I'm SXE-Not! Ned, 
Mark, and Mark-Tkanks for a place to kve. Wko bougkt tke beeer? 
JV-Sorry about your fender. CD-Your wagon rules! Tke Love Machine 
can never die. 

Rachel Ann Ocain 4/10/80 Trrngtn, CT. Bsk34, PrLdr234, 
Prm3, SADD1234, Yrbk4. Mom, Bob, Becky-Tkanx for all tke love 
and support. KL-You are tke definition of a true best friend, Luv ya. 
PW-So tkis raspberry... TH, TL-Tkanx for all tke talks. JV+JG-I'm 
okay! JR, TLH, JW, ER, VP -Take care of yourselves. BT, 
CD-Freezing in my backseat. JF-Boppin bus. JV-I'm not pusking. 
Chad -You and all the great times we had will always be abve. You will 
forever be loved and missed in my heart. 

Lea Targino Oliveira 11/19/79 Fortaleza/Cear a/Brazil. Ckis4, 
Hnrs4, Sccr4, Sftb4. Thanks to everyone who made this year so 
special for me. I'll miss everybody and I'll never forget what you did for 
me. Thanks Mount Everett! 

Vanessa Ah'ssandra PouJos 1/1/80 Mnksst, NY. ClsOf2-VP, 

Hcky34, Hmsl234, MmSkwl23, NHS234, Nws3, PrLdrl234, 
PrMedl234, Pl y 23, Prm3, SADD1234, SCncl234, Sccrl234-C P t4, 
Sftbl234-Cpt4, TwnMtl234, Yrbk4. Mom+Dad-I love U, need U, 
+ ckerisk U. Tori- You're tke "bestest." Ckad-My best friend + brother, 
I love U. Court, Cait + Bea-Each of U possess a gift, a shce of my 
heart, fun of love, forever. Nick-3yrs. of pure happiness... Thank you. 
PW-Don't ever forget how much I love U. CT-Succeed baby, I have 
faith in U. JW-From Offspring to Dirty Dancing, keep on grooving! 
ER-We're tied... prepare to lose! JR-Our passions: sports, boys, + food. 
TH-Your smile could fill any room, keep laughing. ZW-I love you, bro. 
JF-I've treasured every moment we've had together, here's to hockey! 
XXOO. CD-Lost years... 

Erin Reiffey 7/4/80 Pttefld, MA. Bsk2, Chrldgl, Ckrsl, 
Hnrsl234, LtMgl24, Nws3, Prm3, SADD234, Sccrl-Mng23, 
Yrbk4. Family-Thanx. J,C,V,J-Little bottles, hot dogs, saunas, hand 
massagers. JW-My kttle girl has grown up. JR-Please Sir..PW-It's true 
friendship when U can bash someone over the head and not be told 
we're not friends anymore. CT-We saved a place lor you and a pickle. 
VP-The closet. TH-Next door neighbors. RO + KL-Pictures from 
Judd's. JP-I love you. JW+CL-My flower girk. Boyz-U R suck studs. 
DN-I guess. CK-You will always ke witk me. I love U all. 

Jane Claire Reifley 7/4/80 Pttsfld, MA. Bskl234 Cpt34, Ckrsl, 
CkOf2 Trs2, CES12, Hnrsl234, NHS234, Nws3, PrLdr234, 
Prm3, SADD234, Sccrl234, TwnMtl234, Yrbk4, AkvGr4. MA, 
PA, Bri,Kev, KC, Er-You guys are tke kest. I luv you. LW, MW, LW, 
CW-Tkanks for everytking. JC-my adopted brotker. PW-Wkite on rice. 
JW-Little fat boy. VP-Your kttle toyota. TH-Tke riot song. CT-You're 
my souknate. MH, JU, SU-Tke basketball bus. CK-Wish you were 
here. BT-I see you've grown. JF-Sexual harrasment. BW-What can I 
say? I love you. 

Jason Root 11/5/79 Strbrdg, England. Nws4, Ply2, Sccr3. 




Jessica Lynn Sawtelle 2/13/80 Skra, CT. Bndl234, 
MrckBndl234, Bskl, CU1234, Hnrsl234, Mdrglsl234, Prm3, 

Rtr2, SADD234, Yrkk4. Mom and Dad tkanx for everytking. Love 
Ya. SSTF take care of my god child. KF-You're my little girl. 
CB-You're my little southern hoy. I love you. JS-We've shared the most 
personal everytkings. LM-I'm right on that subject, not you. Grammy 
ana Poppy-I miss you much. AV, KK, UL, HH-I'm here if you need 
me. J W -Redneck bom ana bred. TC-Best friends forever. RK, 
HK-Good luck guys. JS, AV-AP is going down. Love ya all. 

William H. Schiller 4/21/80 Gt. Brmgtn, MA. Bsk4, BysSt3, 
Hnrsl234. Well everyone (actually just the seniors), it's been fun and 
now it's time for tke "real world!" KT-my nsk is Hue. AF -What's worse 
than incest? AV-like my new glasses? Mr. T-now can I call you Jim? 
CTM-You know wko you are. BD-Yo Bob. If I forgot anyone-oops! 
Good-bye, see ya in the pit. 

Jennifer Lynn Schneider 7/6/80 Pttsfld, MA. Ckrsl234, 
GrlsSt3, Hnrsl234, Mdrgls34, NHS34, Prm3, SADD234, TwnMt3, 
Vlybl234, Yrkk4. Mom and Dad I luv U. Tkanx 4 everything. 
JS+JK-Little kro's good luck. ST, UR-My BS, 5853, is Rickard 
awake? JS-2 p's in a pod. AV-Give it time. AF-GUM definitely. 
RL-Don't scare me! AA-ABC. CH-CD. MBM-Races. CT (fishy). 
EH-Partyon. SS-026644837. FRIENDLY'S. Spike-Dork dog. 
JH-BB,143. Fellow peers good luck ahead. The future's a winding road. 
Always dream tke impossible. 

Kady Ann Schwab 11/25/79 CA. Ckrldgl, Vlybl2. To my 
family, tkank you so muck, I love you! Bon-WkooWkoo. Buffy-Cape 
Cod BABY. Let's go get ourselves a handle. E-Dog-Let's go get silly, 
MAMA. Luke-You're forever my love. Ckad-You kave a special place in 
my keart. To tke rest of you-Let's keep it real, kids! 

Kevin James Liiomas 3/13/80 Elgn, IL. BysSt3, GmClkl234, 
Hnrel234, SADD34, Sccrl, Trckl. .egatkac eb dluow ti ,tiurf a saw 
lookcs fl .em gniHik tsomla rof sknakt-ZC .!!sknow-KF + BE. 
!rakajlok-GJ .em iH-TK !reppokssarG olleH-FA (: ?neewollaH saw 
woH-V/SA .uoy nakt retteb m'I-ML ?saercnap ruoy s'woH-SB .guP 

Justin M. Tiiomson 10/31/80 Pklmt, NY. Hnrs2. 

M+D-Tkanks. No 5 year plan. RM-(Bams)-Racing games any time. 
AF-SB 98 ITP, 25c, Workin at 4:00, BamBam+ Pebbles. BS-Da, 
Da, Da. ..Nice shades. Got tke up's yet? LM-Found a new slack class, 
S tort's. KT-Gonna get coffee for Ckuck's class. AV- You're gonna be 
late for class. 

Cliristina Marie Tighe 5/16/80 Gt. Brmgtn, MA. 
Ckrsl234-Trs34, Hnrsl234, PrLdrl23, Plyl, Prm3, 
SADD1234-Trs3, TwnMtl234, Vl y bl23-Mng3, Yrbk4. 
HH-Paris/Madrid/Tempest. MB, RJ, EH-3mp! BUSTED! Let's do it 
again. EH-Slacker! U R A great friend, never ckange, Paris, let's go 
back and find "Jacque." CM-"3", U wisk. JS, AA, UL-Ben great, stay in 
touck. DB-Teacker, mentor and friend, I'll never forget U. Mom, Dad, 
and Cassie-Luv U, Tkanx 4 everytking. To all tkose wko kave driven 
me insane for the past 4 years, but at tke same time kept me same - 
Tkank U. 

Brian A. Tyler 9/25/80 Gt. Brmgtn, MA. PrLdr34, Prm3, 
Wrstlgl234-Cpt34. SB-"Hey, anybody home?" You're tke one that 
puts a smile on my face, I love you. CD-He, ke, wanna go to John's 
house? JB-Tell me again kow you got suck big muscles. Ckad-We miss 
you. EH-Bring it on tougk guy. JK-Cannan sucks!! Ya know wkat we 
need. RO + KL-We kad a lot of fun together don't forget about me. 
J R-Re member wkat you and Petra told me. Nettleton-'Wkat do you 
mean low cneck number?' 

Jeremy Andrew Vallianos 3/1/80 Pttsfld, MA. Bskll, Bskl234, 
CkOf4, Hnrsl23, Nws3, Sccrl2, SRSCW4, SGRe P 3. JF-Partyat 
your kouse. Joe B-Capitalist. SC-Maybe I'll see you in sckool someday. 
Bob-It's teen real. Gig-Stay on tke lawn. RO-I kope we don't run out 
of gas. JB-Keep on dis'n tke fools. Len-Pooop, rneeeat, mooose. Mick-I 

don't kave any money. CD-Egg in your car. DH-Yeak, Dave! 
BC-Drummer's good, singer sucks. TH-I could out bowl you anyday. 
AM -Rage doesn't suck. JV-Jer, my line is caught. JH-You can drive 
boots-butterflies. KT-Sweeney! ES-Haaaris Meecooo! 
Snake -Velaciraptor. ZW-Out of tke kitchen. JL-Wkat do you think 
about that, Snake? JW-Bloggs, we'll see a movie sometime. RI-You 
Could never do tke same load of warsck twice. CH-More H20. 
VP-Stop talking to yourself. MW + CM-Past tke red barn. KL-You're 
late. CT-Ok, Baby. CK-Good times. Free Mumia! AF-It'll be ready 
tomorrow. DN-Good steak. KD-Hick. 

Joseph Michael Vaughan 3/19/80 Pttsfld, MA. Bskl23, 
XCntry4, Sccrl2, PrLdr4, Ecn4. To my family-Tkanks for 
everytking. JB-Tkanks for 2337. JB-Paint your kead. SC-Tkere's 
kuttons on tkat skirt. BC-That's your krotker in a trask can. CD-Best 
kind of koorice. JF-'Tkis ware kouse frigktens me" DMB. DH-I just 
wanna paint. JL-It's always kard some years. DN-Sorry about tke fence. 
CK-Boys court. BD-Mmm...Rawkide. Ornstil-I'm sure your sckool 
would give credit. ES-Tkese are tke good times. SB-Ske's not for sale. 
JV-Tkief in tke nigkt, go Eags. JG-Save water. RO-You look great. 
AF-Just two more. 

Julie Anna Webster 12/1/79 Smmrtwn, TN. ClsOf23-Sc2-VP3, 
Hnrsl234, NHS234, Nws34, PrLdrl234, Plyl234, Prm3, 
SADD34, TwnMt234, Yrkk4, AkvGr4. Mom+Dad-My best 
audience. A+W-Beautiful Webster girls. CT-My soul mate. I love you. 
ER-Remember me, Jo. JR-You, me + Kate. PW-Source of strengtk. 
TH-My sweet rose. VP-Peanut! Duke-See you at tke top. Tke 
Boyz-Good times! BD-I could never forget you. JB-Love of my life. 
Orlando-Flying cloud productions! JF-Vermont landscape. CD-King of 
tke Party. JV-Always wanted to ask you...Mr.O-Snag, I got it! 
ES-SparkeJs? HC- Wkat about skay? Ll-Superdancer. EH-Lasers! 
Ckad-Always in my keart. Love Ya. "If it be now, tis not to come. If it 
be not to come, it will be now.. .Tke readiness is all." Skakespeare. 

Petra Anne Willlg 1/28/80 Frnkfrt, Germany. Bskl234-Cptl, 
CES2, Hnrsl234, MrnSkwl, NHS234, Nwsl3, PrLdrl234, Prm3, 
SADD234, Sccrl2, TwnMtl23, Yrbk4, AkvGr4. Mom+Dad-My 
true Lest friends. Zack-Not just a kro, kut a friend. VP-Wko woulda' 
tkougkt? J R- Wkat can I possikly say? ER-Here's to fiftk ckances. 
JW-Stay tougk. CT-Tke chque kves on. RO-Wkere's tke pike?, laugks, 
super plus sized. KL-Committment?...Nak. TH-Early a.m. drives + 
late nites. DN-It is tke new hangout. JF-I wisk you kad tke guts. 
CD-Stud. CK-Only tke good... Class of '98/'99-Jake's and camping. 
"I'm grown up now, at least there's no room to grow up any more kere.." 
Lewis Carroll. 

Peter Wilson 3/19/80 Nw Mrlkrougk, MA. Meat. 
Corissa Woiten 11/17/79 







Ernest Beckwith 

Tandy Academic Top 2% 
Tandy Outstanding Math/ 

Science/Computer Science 


John Giacoia 

Baush & Lomb Award 
National Merit Scholarship 
Letter of Commendation 
Boys' State 
Umass Chancellor's Award 

Cara Malnati 

Hugh O'Brian Youth 
Leadership Award 

Bryan Chadwick 

Wendy's High School 
Heinsman Award 

Alice Fales 

Wellesley Book Award 

The Gingham Rabbit 

389 Stockbridge Road 
Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 


Tanya Hutton 

Colby Book Award 
Daughters of the American 

Revolution Good Citizen 
Wendy's High School 

Heinsman Award 
Girls' State 

C. A. Lindell & Son, Inc. 

Building Materials 
Established 1893 

P.OBox 609 

Canaan, CT 06018 

860-824-5444 - Fax 860-824-1516 





*'*"~~^' . "* 

Un Jung Lim 

Dartmouth Book Award 
Xerox Award 

Jennifer Schneider 

Girls' State 

William Schiller 

Boys' State 

Luke Moulton 

Boys' State 


Kevin Thomas 

Boys' State 

Ellen Hamm 

William's Book Award 

Sebastian's Unisex Hair Studio 

84 Main Street 

Sheffield, MA 01257 


No Appointment Necessary 

Robert Driscoll 

Boys' State 

Shea's Pine Tree Inn 

1375 N. Main Street 
Sheffield, MA 01257 



Prom, "You Were 
Meant For Me," 
Held at Cranwell - 
May 16, 1997 

Princess Di Dies in 
August 31, 1997 

Senior Dress-up 
October 31, 1997 

Class of '97 
May 30, 1997 

Mother Theresa 
September 5, 1997 

Production, "As 
You Like It"~ 
November 15, 


Mt. Everett Budget 
Cuts Begin— 
September 1997 

"Janet Fund" Story 
Aired on ABC 
National News- 
November 25,1997 


Timothy McVeigh 
Convicted for 
Oklahoma City 
June 2, 1997 

Versacci is 
July 15, 1997 

First Day of School 
Year 97/98- 
August 28, 1997 

24, 1997 

Chad Hatch 
November 17, 
1979-October 25, 

Winter Ball - 
January 31, 1998 

Karla Faye Tucker, 
2nd Woman 
Executed in U.S. 
Since Civil War- 
February 3, 1998 

Winter Olympic's 
Februay 6, 1998 

152 Main Street 

Gt. Harrington, MA 01230 

Holland & exotic flowers — creative floral designs — gourmet fruit baskets — balloons — wire service — delivery 

Mary Ellen J. O'Brien — Judy G. Schnurr 

413-528-5860- 1-800-238-5435 







Junior Class officers — Back: 

Mr. John Martin — advisor, 
Christa Henderson, Zachary 
Willig, Stephanie Blackburn, 
Mr. Robert Gauthier— advisor, 
front: Ezra Small, Brian 


Michelle Agar 

\ / 


EI uJ 

Glen Barnum 

Nicholas Bartow 

Alexis Batacchi Stephanie Blackburn 

Benjamin Dudek 

Ronald Brazie 

Geoffrey Caldwell 

Andrew Cook 

Emilie Crawford 

Jakob Garlow-Kent 

Maria Haworth 

Christa Henderson 

Rebecca Hewins 

Shimon Horowitz 


Sungsoo Lim 

Robert Losaw 

Jason Macy 

Jeannette Magill 

Jason Piernock 

Melinda Pothul 

Ezra Small 

Erin Spaulding 

Amanda Thorn 

Caleb Turner 

Jeremy Turner 

Jennifer Ullrich 

Jesse Milliken 

Cara Storti 

Shannon Ullrich 

Nicholas Lewis 

Crystal Palmer 

Sarah Tanner 

i i l 

Jessica Vaczy 

Karen Vaughan 

Amari Voorhees 

Zachary Willig 

Matthew Winder 



This page— top: Mr.Donald Lucy — advisor, Mr.James 
MacDonald — advisor, Carrie Curtiss, January Sarno, Jennifer 
Tomich;Antin Milukas, Christopher Catsos, Matthew Turner, 
Joshua King; middle: Abby Webster, Helen Carpenter, 
Amber Vickerman; bottom: Jesse Ball, Jimmy Janusz, Brian 
Tyler, Amber Vickerman, Michael Bynack; Jessica Beham, 
Carrie Curtiss. Opposite page—top: Emily Sottile, Abby 
Webster; Emily Sottile, Abby Webster, January Sarno, 
Melanie Chapman; middle: Ryan Larkin; January Sarno, 
Thaddeus Tower. 

Jesse Ball 

Tabitha Barnum 


Jessica Beham 

Jennifer Bennett 

Adam Brooks 

Joseph Buchte 

Carrie Burke 

Michael Bynack 

Douglas Campbell 

Helen Carpenter Christopher Catsos Melanie Chapman 

Jennifer Curtis 

... „.- 
Carrie Curtiss 

Sarah Curtiss 

Doug Davis 

Jayson Dietsch 

Benjamin Dupont 

Jason Eichstedt 

Shannon Frost 

Julia Garretson 

Shanna Hamm 

Eric Hewins 

Nathaniel Jones 

Peter Kellogg 

Joshua King 

Ryan Larkin 

Adam Markham 

Kellee Mastroianni 

Antin Milukas 

Deirdre Negrini 

David Ohman 





assandra Philbrick April Pixley 

Brendan Reed 

Julianne Savage 

Darlene Rogers 


David Rogers 

January Sarno 

Joseph Schneider Eric Schoonmaker Alex Shmulsky Matthew Shmulsky Matthew Siskin 


Abby Webster 

Jennifer Whittaker Christopher Wickwire Jennifer Wilson Daniel Zele 



Top — Class officers: Danielle Giulian, Hannah Bracken, 
Phillip Ornstil, Amy Green, Katherine Vallianos; middle: 
Amy Green, Adam Carlotto; bottom: Tiffany Vaczy, Crystal 
Warren, Meaghan Janusz, Jessica Palivoda. 

Arnold Agar 

Brian Bachetti 

William Barnum 

Aaron Bartow 

Christine Bassett 


Peter Beckwith 

Michael Bell 

Adam Carlotto Matthew Champagne 

Birdie Cushwa 

Tara Blackwell 

Whitney Bonadies 

Hannah Bracken 

John Clouser 

James Collingwood Jeremiah Cronin 

Stephanie D'Allessio 

Gino Daloni 

Eric Dattolo 

Todd Bynack 

Holly Curtiss 

WWi "'•"" **1 


f t 




Amanda Davis 

Chad Dean 

Cory Deloatch 

Isaac Dudek 

Raymond Dumont Elizabeth Errichetto 

Carolina Escobar 

Ian Fitzgibbon-Bizel 

Stacey Fulcher 

Kimberly Gero 

Jacob Gingras 

Danielle Giulian 

Kristina Gomez 


Amy Green 

Joseph Gulotta 

Reilly Hadden 

Gordon Hamm 

Robin Hannum 

Weston Happ 

Richard Hardisty 

Tobey Haworth 

Dustin Hewins 

Courtney Hitchcock Russell Holdredge Krista Holst-Grubbe 

BobbieJo houle Meaghan Janusz Heather Karch 


■ ■■ 

Kevin Learnard 

Kristy Key 

Bonnie Krasinski 

Rebecca Liebsch 

Crystal Lotz 

Keith Martin 

James Mazur 

Selena Mercer 

Anita Morin 

Dylan Moulton 

John Oleen 

Alex Lampila 

Casey Mazeralle Matthew Mazeralle 

Brandon Ormsbee 


Michael Powers Richard Prew 

James Pultz 

Joseph Pulver 

Jennifer Race 

David Reid 

Candice Rischner Kevin Rosier 

Aaron Scapin 

Andrew Shaw William Soper Jeffrey Spaulding 

Cristina Temenos Amanda Thieriot Erica Touponce Darrell Turner 

Keith Tyler 

Tiffany Vaczy 

Katherine Vallianos Jeffrey Watson Julia Wells 

Jessica Wilson 

Matthew Zele 

Cory Ziobro 



Peer Mediation 

Back: Cara Storti, Vanessa 
Poulos, Chad Krzynowek, 
Joshua Brooks, Robert LeBeau; 
middle: Joshua King, Matthew 
Mazeralle, Jennifer Ullrich, 
Carrie Curtiss, Erin Spaulding, 
Christa Henderson, Sarah 
Tanner; front: Tobey Haworth, 
Robin Hannum, Jillian Pastori, 
January Sarno, Deirdre Negrini, 
Lindsay Ide, Megan Lawrence, 
Mrs. Patricia Boland. 

Peer Leadership 

Back: Joshua Baker, Chad 
Krzynowek, Robert LeBeau, 
Robert Driscoll, Joseph 
Vaughan, John Giacoia, John 
Flynn, Brian Tyler, Jennifer 
Ullrich, Michelle Agar; 4th 
row: Julianne Savage, Julie 
Webster, Rachel Ocain, Ashley 
Tyler, Christine Bassett, 
Sungsoo Lim, Brian Ketchen, 
Carrie Curtiss, Jessica Beham, 
Petra Willig; 3rd row: Shanna 
Hamm, Emily Sottile, Amanda 
Thorn, Alexis Batacchi, 
Cassandra Philbrick, Jennifer 
Bennett, Cara Malnati, January 
Sarno, Deirdre Negrini, Tara 
Blackwell; 2nd row: Mrs.Heidi 
Palivoda, Amari Voorhees, 
Amber Vickerman, Jessica 
Palivoda, Katherine Vallianos, 
Amy Green, Jennifer Curtis, 
Courtney Hitchcock, Bonnie 
Krasinski, Mr.Bob Law; front: 
Ellen Hamm, Un Lim Jung, 
Cara Storti, Vanessa Poulos, 
Zachary Willig, Danielle 
Giulian, Tanya Hutton, Christa 
Henderson, Erin Spaulding. 

Fairness Committee 

Back: Mr.Donald Lucy, 
Mr.James MacDonald, 
Ms.Marie Erwin; front: Chad 
Krzynowek, Zachary Willig, 
Christa Henderson, January 
Sarno, David Hall, Deirdre 


Back: Stacey Fulcher, Nicholas 
Bartow, Kevin Thomas, John 
Flynn, Chad Krzynowek, Joshua 
Brooks, John Giacoia, Zachary 
Willig, Antin Milukas, Benjamin 
Dupont, Lucas Moulton; 5th row: 
Kristie Lord, Sungsoo Lim, 
Robert Martin, Michael Powers, 
Alex Shmulsky, Weston Happ, 
Joshua Baker, Brian Ketchen, 
Ezra Small, Karen Vaughan, 
Julianne Savage, Tobey Haworth, 
Rachel Ocain; 4th row: Hannah 
Bracken, Jessica Palivoda, Anna 
Rubinska, Julie Webster, Erin 
Reilley, Cara Malnati, Christina 
Tighe, Cassandra Philbrick, Jason 
Cross, Phillip Ornstil, Christine 
Bassett, Erin Spaulding, Jeff 
Spaulding; 3rd row: Christa 
Henderson, Cristina Temenos, 
Katherine Vallianos, Danielle 
Giulian, Bonnie Krasinski, 
Courtney Hitchcock, Jennifer 
Race, January Sarno, Jessica 
Beham, Amy Green, Carrie 
Curtiss, Abby Webster, Robin 
Hannum; 2nd row: Amanda 
Thorn, Shanna Hamm, Amari 
Voorhees, Jessica Sawtelle, 
Jennifer Schneider, Angela 
Anselmi, Sarah Curtiss, Maria 
Haworth, Shannon Ullrich, 
Vanessa Poulos, Un Lim Jung, 
Ellen Hamm; front: Mr.Paul 
O'Brien, Petra Willig, Alexis 
Batacchi, Tanya Hutton, Jennifer 
Tomich, Deirdre Negrini, 
Mrs.Diana Bonneville. 

Morning Show 

Back: Katherine Vallianos, Tanya 
Hutton, Amanda Thieriot, Anna 
Rubinska, Mr.David MacNeill, 
Un Lim Jung, Deirdre Negrini, 
Tiffany Vaczy, Amy Green; 
middle: Jennifer Tomich, Carrie 
Curtiss, Jennifer Bennett, Emily 
Sottile, Jessica Beham, Christa 
Henderson; front: David Rogers, 
Doug Davis, Sarah Curtiss, 
Aaron Scapin. 

Prom Committee 

Back: Mr.Donald Lucy, Zachary 

Willig, Ezra Small, Stephanie 

Blackburn, Jennifer Ullrich; 

front: Amari Voorhees, Jeannette 

Magill, Karen Vaughan, Alexis 

Batacchi, Nicholas Lewis. 



Back row: Alexandra Bassett, 
Michaela Romano-Meade, 
Amillie Coster, Stephanie 
Bangs, Brittany Simo; 2nd 
row: Adam Cross, Ashley 
Herndon, Eleanor Garretson, 
Megan Marchione; front row: 
Jenna Marchionne, Ashleigh 
Catsos, Andrea Lawrence, 
Bethany Mather, Lauren 


Back row: Jillian Pastori, 
Jennifer Schneider, Raymond 
Dumont, Jessica Sawtelle; 
front row: Maria Haworth, 
Ellen Hamm, Shanna Hamm. 


Back row: Cory Ziobro, 
Ashley Tyler, Cara Malnati, 
Jennifer Tomich, Cassandra 
Philbrick, Julianne Savage; 
front row: Maria Haworth, 
Jillian Pastori, Ellen Hamm, 
Un Lim Jung, Robin Hannum, 
Shanna Hamm. 


Back row: Cassandra 

Philbrick, Jessica Palivoda, 

Candice Rischner, Cory 

Ziobro, Lea Oliveira, Dylan 

Moulton, Jessica Sawtelle; 4th 

row: Jillian Pastori, Jennifer 

Tomich, Maria Haworth, 

MaryBeth Moskowitz, Un Lim 

Jung, Heather Hardisty, Emily 

Edelman, Holly Curtiss, 

Jeannette Magill, Mrs. Nancy 

Loder; 3rd row: Jeffrey 

Spaulding, Jennifer Wilson, 

Shanna Hamm, Rebecca 

Liebsch, Carolina Escobar, 

Jessica Wilson, Ashley Tyler, 

Jesse Milliken; 2nd row: 

Benjamin Dupont, Alex 

Shmulsky, Thaddeus Tower, 

Ellen Hamm, Angela Anselmi, 

Christina Tighe; front row: 

Ian Fitzgibbon-Bizel, Phillip 

Ornstil, Robin Hannum, Cara 

Malnati, Jennifer Schneider, 

Amari Voorhees. 


Back row: Mr. Eric 

Blackburn, Jason Macy, 

Robert LeBeau, Aaron Scapin; 

3rd row: Joseph Gulotta, Ian 

Fitzgibbon-Bizel, Jeremy 

Turner, Stephanie Blackburn, 

Glen Barnum, Joseph Pulver, 

Aaron Bartow, Cody McCabe; 

2nd row: Darrell Turner, 

Jessica Sawtelle, Cara Malnati, 

Kellee Mastroianni, Robin 

Hannum, Cory Ziobro; front 

row: Cassandra Philbrick, 

Jillian Pastori, Shanna Hamm. 

Dial Tones 

Ian Fitzgibbon-Bizel, Benjamin 
Dupont, Jeffrey Spaulding. 


Jazz Band 

Top row: Joseph Gulotta, 
Jason Macy, Anthony 
Silvernail, Noah Parsons, 
Stephanie Blackburn; middle: 
Trent Rivers, Erin Schutz, 
Cody McCabe, Joseph Pulver, 
Aaron Bartow, Roy Wilkinson; 
front row: Andrew Crawford, 
Aaron Scapin, Bryan 

Gaming Club 

Mr.Edward Kollmer, Emily 
Edelman, John Giacoia, Antin 
Milukas, Kevin Thomas. 


John Flynn, Christopher 
Doyle, Robert Driscoll, John 
Giacoia, Joseph Vaughan, 
Jeremy Vallianos, Erin 
Reilley, Mr. Edgar Davis; 
Heather Hardisty, Ellen 
Hamm, Christina Tighe, Jason 
Cross, Cara Malnati, Vanessa 
Poulos, Tanya Hutton, Jane 
Reilley; Alice Fales, 
Christopher W. Doyle, Petra 
Willig, Rachel Ocain, Julie 

Student Council 

Back row: Amillie Coster, 

Ashley Davis, Chelsea Happ, 

Melissa Lombardi, Alix 

Tillett; middle row: Tina 

Nevone, Jennifer Smedley, 

Claire Mielke, Lauren 

Germain, Amanda Janusz, 

Ashleigh Catsos, Lauren 

Campbell; front row: Ashley 

Winseck, Caitlin Harrigan, 

Caroline Schopp, Christine 

Holdredge, Margaret Rossano, 

Mr. Randall Koldys. 

National Honor Society 

Back row: Bryan Chadwick, 

Julie Webster, Tanya Hutton, 

Un Lim Jung, John Giacoia; 

middle row: Jeremy Turner, 

Jason Macy, Kenneth Brooks, 

Petra Willig, Christa 

Henderson, Vanessa Poulos, 

Ellen Hamm, Jennifer 

Schneider, Erin Spaulding, 

Sungsoo Lim; front row: 

Mrs. Janice Storti, Angela 

Anselmi, Cara Malnati, Alexis 

Batacchi, Jennifer Ullrich. 

Project E 

Clockwise from 1:00: Joseph 

Schneider, Joshua Brooks, 

Matthew Zele, Robert Martin, 

Jeffrey Spaulding, Jason 

Cross, James Collingwood, 

Joseph Buchte, Peter 

Bcckwith, Mr. Paul O'Brien. 


Melissa Andrews 

Anthony Anselmi 

Joseph Anselmi 

Claire Astore 

Greg Bachetti 

Sara Ball 

Stephanie Bangs 

Victoria Bassett 

Lynn Bennett 

Hailey Brown 

Rebecca Butler 

Lee Canger 

Daniel Carlson 

Chelsea Carpenter 

Graham Carson 

Ashleigh Catsos 

Abigail Childs 

Amillie Coster 

Andrew Crawford 

Adam Cross 

Ashley Davis 

Kenneth Dempsey 

Alix Demrousky 

Amanda Dennison 

Tiffany Doyle 

Edwin Escobar 

John Faedi 

Dustin Farnum 

Bernadette Fedell 

Cassandra Finn 

Brian Flach 

Christopher Gage 

Rebecca Garcia 

Eleanor Garretson 

Lauren Germain 

Donald Gibbs 

Aidan Gilligan 

Joseph Giulian 

Lucas Gonzalez 

Kristofer Granger 

Ryan Guidi 

Marybeth Handlowich 

Heidi Harrison 

Ashley Herndon 

Amber Hersey 

Richard Karch 

Robert Karch 

Andrea Lawrence 

Jacob Levin 


Melissa Lombardi 
Michael Lupovich 
Hilary Macy 
James Mancini 
Megan Marchione 
Bethany Mather 
Fionn McCabe 

Jessica Meyer 
Allison Monda 
Tina Nevone 
Heather Nicolai 
Matthew Olmsted 
Andrea Parks 
Kyle Pastori 

Pennie Pixley 

Tania Pultz 

Kelly Robinson 

Michaela Romano-Meade 

Margaret Ruch 

Erin Schutz 

Suzanne Scott 

Marc Selby 
Joshua Silk 
Anthony Silvernail 
Brittany Simo 
Alexander Snow 
Christopher Soper 
1 John Stedman 

Rylan Tinker 
Brian Tranter 
Lindsay Turner 
Jonathan Twing 
David Vadakin 
Eric Walsh 
Keelan Watlington 

Shawna Wickwire 
Roy Wilkinson 

Sudi Baker 
Christopher Carlson 
William Domacki 
Crystal Lehmann 
Matthew Love 
Jacob Mandeville 
Nola McCormick-Yonnon 
Cynthia Palmer 



Emily Baird 

Amanda Ball 

Craig Barnum 

Alexandra Bassett 

Pamela Bassett 

Patricia Bassett 

Anthony Beckwith 

Joshua Bliss 

Jenna Brazie 

Katy Broggi Marie 

Precious Butler 

Stephen Bynack 

James Byrne 

Lauren Campbell 

Andrew Carlson 

Jeb Carpenter 

William Cromwell 

Kristeena Donovan 

Emily Eichstedt 

William Feldman 

Kelle FitzGibbon-Bizel 

Julie Frost 

Aaron Goldfarb 

Chelsea Happ 

Caitlin Harrigan 

Matt Hecke,ndorn 

Keith Hescock 

Christine Holdredge 

KeriAnn Houle 

Kristin Ide 

Amanda Janusz 

Amanda Knowles 

Thomas Lahert 

Chiang Li 

Christine Lombardi 

Kyle Love 

Edward Lucey 

Mark Macchi 

Jenna Marchionne 

Sadie Martin 

Danielle McQuarrie 

John Mercer 

Claire Mielke 

Katharine Mistretta 

Jerry Morey 

Donald Peck 

Alan Piatt 

Christopher Poulter 

Mandy Prew 

Trent Rivers 


Cody Rosenthal 
Margaret Rossano 
Ashley Rote 
Ashley Rush 
Michael Scapin 
Caroline Schopp 
John Shmulsky 

Amanda Silk 
Timothy Siok 
Jennifer Smedley 
Adam StPierre 
Michael Thieriot 
Alix Tillett 
Adam Tomich 

Brian Torrico 
AmyLynn Vadakin 
Danielle VanDeusen 
Ashley Walther 
Cordelia Williams 
Ashley Winseck 


Patrick Coleman 
Chloe Dembrousky 
Kyle Love 
Travis Roger 
Reginald Twing 
Martin Willis 


















Opposite page-top: Shannon Frost; Robert 
Law; Deirdre Negrini, Helen Carpenter; 
middle: Joseph Burke; Tanya Hutton; 
Vanessa Poulos; Matthew Siskin, Kristina 
Gomez, Jennifer Curtis; Julie Webster; 
bottom: Sarah Curtiss, Emily Sottile, Jennifer 
Wilson, Amber Vickerman, Abby Webster, 
Carrie Burke, Kellee Mastroianni; Robin 


m mcdohaid 6 the sale, mmsrrniuam 





r.j. vmuanm 






terry xm-mmMMmu cam mm 






























I'M I 1 1< 













SNUWBor-mii. tower 




Paris-Madrid Tour, April 1997 

This page — top: Jonah Cole, Christopher W. Doyle, Megan Lawrence, Heather Hardisty, Ellen Hamm,Christina Tighe, Elissa 
Tinker, John Flynn, Ian Philbrick, Jessica Sawtelle, Jennifer Schneider, Mrs. Kathy Van Orman, Mr. John Peron, Karen Vaughan, 
Joseph Burke; Heather Hardisty, Jonah Cole, Megan Lawrence. This page — bottom: Christina Tighe, Elissa Tinker, Karen 
Vaughan, Bernadetta Ruch, Jennifer Schneider, Ellen Hamm, Megan Lawrence; Christina Tighe, Ellen Hamm. Opposite 
page — top: Christopher Doyle W. Jonah Cole, Megan Lawrence; Megan Lawrence, Karen Vaughan, Ellen Hamm, Jessica 
Sawtelle, Jonah Cole, Jennifer Schneider, Christina Tighe. Opposite page — bottom: Mr.John Peron, Jennifer Schneider, Jessica 
Sawtelle, Ellen Hamm, Elissa Tinker, Megan Lawrence, Karen Vaughan, Christopher W. Doyle, Joseph Burke, Jonah Cole, 
Christina Tighe, Heather Hardisty, Ian Philbrick; Christina Tighe, Jennifer Schneider. 

Condor Pontiac Buick C 




aidor Chevrolet Geo Oldsmobile 




Swinging for Success 

Varsity Softball — back row: 

Coach Krol, Helen Carpenter, 
Christa Henderson, Jennifer 
Ullrich, Karen Vaughan, Amy 
Green, Jennifer Tomich, 
Amanda Carlson, Un Jung Lim, 
front row: Tanya Hutton, 
Christine Scott, Vaiana 
Cane-captain, Kathryn 
Kopetchny—captain, Vanessa 
Poulos, Shannon Ullrich. 

JV Softball— back row: 

Coach Balcom, Julianne 
Savage, Danielle Giulian, 
Christine Scott, Melissa 
Lombardi, Amber Vickerman, 
Heather Nicolai, Chelsea 
Carpenter, Shanna Hamm, 
second row: Katie Jugl, Claire 
Astore, Katherine Vallianos; 
front: Karen Vaughan. 

Opposite page — top: Helen 
Carpenter, Christine Scott, 
Tanya Hutton; Shannon 
Ullrich, Vanessa Poulos; 
middle: Christa Henderson; 
Shannon Ullrich; Vanessa 
Poulos; bottom: Shannon 
Ullrich, Jennifer Tomich, 
Amanda Carlson, Vaiana Cane, 
Amy Green; Jennifer Ullrich, 
Karen Vaughan. 




The Boys of Spring 

Varsity — back row: Coach 
John Martin. Jamarlon 
Ollivierra, Nicholas Bennett, 
Joseph Adams, Brandon 
White, Chuck Higgins; front 
row: Joshua King, Caleb 
Turner, Andrew Cook, James 

JV — back row: Coach Steve 
Dodge, Jason Cross, Corey 
Feffee, Joseph Schneider, Glen 
Barnum, Ole Schmidt; front 
row: Alex Shmulsky, 
Christopher Wickwire, 
Richard Hardisty, Jason 

Opposite page — 7th and 8th. 
Back row: Coach Lapierre, 
Charles Smith, Christopher 
Soper; Front row: Matthew 
Love, Michael Lupovich, 
Dylan Moulton. Absent: 
Phillip Ornstil, Peter 
Beckwith, Shawn Bowman. 



GOLF Western Mass. Contenders 



''i ; l. / ^ 

CI 1 © 

^ II II 1. i. 

Opposite page— top: William 
Conklin, Mr. Robert Gauthier; 
Michael Bell, Jeffrey Pilot, Mr. 
Robert Gauthier; Golf 
Team— standing: Mr. Robert 
Gauthier, Joshua Baker, 
Michael Bell, Cody McCabe, 
Weston Happ, Joseph Guiotta; 
kneeling: William Conklin, 
Jeffrey Pilot, David Ullrich; 
bottom: Michael Bell, Mr. 
Robert Gauthier, David Ullrich, 
Mr. Robert Gauthier. 



Prom 1997, Cranwell Resort: "You Were Meant For Me" 

This page— top: Kristie Lord. This page—middle: Robert Fedell, Jeremy VanDeusen, Sergio 
Magallanes,Jamarlon Ollivierra, Justin Mather, Cheryl Soldati, Elizabeth Menin, Emily Kern, 
Kathryn Kopetchny, Rachel Schiller; Jamie Carpenter, Jeffrey Pilot; Sergio Magallanes, 
Margherita Lamanno, Vaiana Cane, Daniel Powers, Joshua Brooks, Cheryl Soldati. This 
page— bottom: Emily Kern; Jessica Sawtelle, Amari Voorhees, Rachel Schiller, Jennifer Bennett; 
Christina Tighe, Ellen Hamm, MaryBeth Moskowitz, Angela Anselmi; Anne Moore, Pia 
Morrow. Opposite page— top: John Flynn, J.C. Wells, Christopher Doyle, Christopher 
Raifstanger, David Ullrich; Robert Law, Jennifer Tomich, Opposite page— middle: Cara 
Malnati, Jennifer Schneider, MaryBeth Moskowitz; Robert Driscoll; Rachel Ocain, Chad 
Krzynowek, Kristie Lord. Opposite page— bottom: Petra Willig, Julie Webster; Christopher W. 
Doyle; Tanya Hutton, Erin Reilley, Vanessa Poulos, Chelsea Tillett, Jane Reilley. 

Jest Wishes to the Class of 1998 

Silk's Variety 

Main Street, Village Green 
Sheffield, MA 01257 


Best Wishes to the Shack's Princess 
and Class of 1998 

The Snack Shack 

Canaan, CT 
Tommy Hall and Kieren McEnroe 


405 Stockbridge Rd. 
Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 

Hours M-F 8-4:30, Sat 9-1 


Jennifer Lynn Schneider 

Class of 1998 

All Our Love & Support 

Mom, Dad, Joe, Spike, 

D.J., Lea, & Ari 


Auto Parts - Self Storage 

227 Stockbridge Rd. 

Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 

413-528-0838 413-528-2086 

Sarah Fogarty's Custom Picture Framing 

Frames on Wheels 

84 Railroad St. 

Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 

413-528-0997 Mark Bonney 

Mom's Restaurant 

South Egremont. MA 

Closet Collection 

Consignment - Resale Shop 

Congratulations Class of 1998 

Rt. 23, So. Egremont, MA 01258 



A Common Goal 

Varsity Girls' Soccer — back: 

Mr.Thomas Ostheimer — coach, 
Christa Henderson, Katherine 
Vallianos, Jennifer Ullrich, 
Jane Reilley, Jennifer Tomich, 
Hannah Bracken, Abby 
Webster, James 
Mazur — manager; middle: 
Kristie Lord, Shannon Ullrich, 
Danielle Giulian, Lea Oliveira, 
Cara Storti, Deirdre Negrini, 
Ellen Hamm; front: Tanya 
Hutton— captain, Amy Green, 
Vanessa Poulos. 

fg ft! © I 


JV Girls' Soccer— back: 

Carrie Curtiss—manager, 
Ashley Winseck, Amanda 
Janusz, Melissa Lombardi, 
Jessica Palivoda, Chelsea Happ, 
Caroline Schopp, Chelsea 
Carpenter, Ashley Davis, 
Theresa Snyder — coach; 
middle: Cassandra Finn, Alix 
Tillett, Christine Lombardi, 
Sarah Curtiss, Shanna Hamm, 
Julia Garretson, Christine 
Holdredge; front: Jennifer 
Curtis, Meaghan Janusz. 

Opposite page — top: Jennifer 
Tomich, Tanya Hutton; 
middle: Kristie Lord, Ellen 
Hamm, Danielle Giulian; 
Christa Henderson, Tanya 
Hutton, Vanessa Poulos, Amy 










Bar Parlor and Restaurant 

Route 23 

South Egremont, MA 01258 


PJ's Convenience Store 

77 South Main Street, Rt. 7 

Sheffield, MA 01257 




Shooting for Victory 

This page — top: Varsity 
Boys' Soccer — back: Amari 
Voorhees, Adam Brooks, Ezra 
Small, Thaddeus Tower, Jason 
Cross, Weston Happ, Robert 
Martin, Michael Powers, Lucas 
Moulton, Zachary Willig, John 
Giacoia, Jason Learnard, 
Christopher W. Doyle, Sungsoo 
Lim, Robert Driscoll, Brian 
Ketchen, Joshua King, Tom 
Morrison-coach; Front: 
Joshua Brooks-captain, Bryan 
Chadwick-captain, Christopher 

Bottom — JV Boys' Soccer 

— back: John Faedi, Alex 
Lampila, Antin Milukas, 
Benjamin Dupont, Marc Selby, 
Lucas Gonzalez, Kevin 
Learnard, Russel Ingersol 
— coach; middle: Adam 
Tomich, Phillip Ornstil, John 
Shmulsky, Christopher Soper, 
Michael Lupovich, Aidan 
Gilligan; front: Brian Torrico, 
Edwin Escobar, Timothy Siok, 
Craig Barnum, Joseph Giulian. 

Opposite page— top: 

Christopher W. Doyle, Joshua 
Brooks; Joshua King, Joshua 
Brooks, Christopher Doyle. 
Middle: Lucas Moulton; 
Weston Happ, Joshua King. 
Bottom: Lucas Moulton, 
Michael Powers; Weston Happ, 
Joshua King; Christopher 
Doyle; John Giacoia; Jason 

Cheesecake Charlie's 


271 Main St. 
Gt. Harrington, MA 01230 

* ' * . „ „ n , ^ 

<*&>£?# X 



Cheesecake Charlie's 

271 Main St. 
Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 



A Race to the Finish 

Cross Country Team — back: 

Casey Mazeralle, Joseph 
Vaughan, John Flynn, 
Nicholas Bartow, Jennifer 
Bennett, William Feldman, 
Lee Curtis—coach; middle: 
Amanda Ball, Danielle 
VanDeusen, Lynn Bennett, 
Bethany Mather, Victoria 
Bassett; front: Lindsay 
Turner, January Sarno, Crystal 

Track — back: Abby Webster, 
Deirdre Negrini, David 
Ohman, Justina Jassen, 
Lindsay Turner, Jennifer 
Bennett; middle: Cassandra 
Finn, Ashley Davis, Ashley 
Herndon, Aidan Gilligan, 
Bethany Mather; front: 
Stephanie Bangs, Lynn 
Bennett, Christine Bassett, 
Amillie Coster. 

Opposite page — Top: Bethany 
Mather; Crystal Warren, 
Danielle VanDeusen, Bethany 
Mather, Victoria Bassett, Lynn 
Bennett, Casey Mazeralle, 
January Sarno; bottom: 
Bethany Mather, Lindsay 
Turner, Lea Oliveira, Jennifer 
Bennett, Lynn Bennett. 

The Subway 

323 So. Main St. 

Gt. Barrington, MA 1 230 

Owner - Linda Moore - 528-3060 

A Sandwich Should Be 


Best Wishes to Jess 
and the Class of 1998 

Twin Rivers Farm 

Bob & Martha Kilmer's family 
Ashley Falls, MA 



P.O. Box 418 

South Egremont, MA 01258 

413-528-21 1 1 - Fax 413-528-3284 


<Sc Sports tenter * 

Kevin M. Rueger 

97 Church St., Rte 44 
Canaan, Connecticut 06018 



John S. Lane & Son, Inc. 

West Stockbridge, MA 

50 Stockbridge Road 
Phone (413) 528-2002 

American Regional Cuisine 

Fine Dining/Catering 
Geoffrey & Cynthia Brown 

Culinary institute of America 

Rt.7, Gt Barrington, MA 01230 
Fax 413-528-6542 


Spike it Up, Second Place Finishers! 

Varsity Volleyball — back: 

Emilie Crawford, Cassandra 
Philbrick, Jennifer Schneider, 
Jennifer Whittaker, Heather 
Hardisty, Megan Lawrence, 
Robin Hannum, Alexis 
Batacchi, Angela Anselmi, 
Lloyd White-coach; front: 
Rebecca Hewins-captain, Cara 
Malnati-captain, Karen 

JV Volleyball— back: 

Bernadetta Ruch~coach, 
Andrea Lawrence, Alexandra 
Bassett, Katherine Piernock, 
Jennifer Whittaker, Kristin Ide, 
Cassandra Philbrick, Pamela 
Bassett, Cristina Temenos, 
Emily Baird, Eleanor 
Garretson; front: Bonnie 

Opposite page — top: Lloyd 
White; Rebecca Hewins, Cara 
Malnati, Alexis Batacchi; 
upper middle: team huddle; 
Megan Lawrence, Alexis 
Batacchi; lower middle: 
Heather Hardisty, Mary Jane 
White; Katherine Piernock, 
Robin Hannum; bottom: 
Megan Lawrence, Rebecca 
Hewins, Heather Hardisty, 
Alexis Batacchi; Jennifer 
Whittaker, Karen Vaughan. 

To ink xj?y s 

store around. £ 

307 Main Street, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 413-528-333C 
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun llam-5pm 

Scout's honor, one visit should 

convince you. We stock the best selection of 

traditional and contemporary toys in the 

Berkshires. But, don't just take our word 

for it, come in and see for yourself. 

(413) 528-0325 



Top left picture: See Dramatis Personae;bottom left picture: 

Joseph Burke, Tanya Hutton.Play candids-top left:Julie Webster, 
Tanya Hutton;top right:Deirdre Negrini, Joseph Burke, Helen 
Carpenter;middle right:Christa Henderson, Keelan Watlington; bottom 
left:Fionn McCabe;middle bottom:Erin Spaulding; bottom left: 
Michaela Romano-Meade, Carrie Burke, Shanna Hamm, Jennifer Tomich. 


Dramalis Fersonae 

DUKE SENIOR living in banishment Ellen Hamm 

DUKE FRANCES her sister & usuper of the dukedom Emily Edelman 

AMIENS attendant to the banished Duke 

JAQUES attendant to the banished Duke 

LE BEAU attendant to Duke Frances 

CHARLES wrestler to Duke Frederick 

OLIVER son of Sir Rowland de Boys 

JAQUES DE BOYS second sonof Sir Rowland 

ORLANDO youngest son of Sir Rowland 
ADAM servant to the de Boys 
EVE servant to the de Boys 
DENNIS servant to Oliver 



CORIN a shepherd 

SILVIUS a shepherd 

WILLIAM a country fellow in love with Audrey 

A Person representing HYMEN 
ROSALIND daughter to the banished Duke 
CELIA daughter to Duke Frances 
PHEBE a shepherdess 
AUDREY a country wench 
ATTENDANTS & MUSICIANS toDukeSenior Mike Powers 

Vocals Michaela Romano-Meade 

Jen Tomich 

Abby Webster 

Shanna Hamm 

Jessica Palivoda, Carrie Burke 

Guitar Carrie Burke 

Matt Siskin 
Saxaphone Cody McCabe 

Percussion Brian Chatwick 

Jesica Palivoda 

Reilly Hadden 

Carrie Burke 

Amy Green 

Matt Siskin 

Sung Soo Lim 

Joe Burke 

Helen Carpenter 

Deirdre Negrini 

Jeff Spaulding 

Fionn McCabe 

Jesse Milukas 

Phil Ornstil 

Keelan Watlington 

David Ohman 

Antin Milukas 

Tanya Hulton 

Julie Webster 

Christa Henderson 

Erin Spaulding 



& Christopher Beaulieu 

Carmen Ma ndlcy 

Alex Schmulsky, Heather Nicolai, 

Karen Vaughn, Helen Carpenter, Deirdre Negrini 

Heather Faust 

wi th Da rlenc Rogers, Shannon Frost, 

Selena Mercer, Holly Curtis 

Patrick Brcnnan 

with HeatherNicolai, JackStedinan 

Steve Ball 

with Christopher Beaulieu, Job nl la dden 

RobinHynek, Patrick Brcnnan 

Cabe Lloyd 

with Christopher Beaulieu AdamCross 

Julia Garretson, AdamCross, 

with Alex Schmulsky, Joe Burke 


with Christopher BeaulienChrislina Temcnos, 

Darlene Rogers, ShannonFrost 

Joe Burke, EllenHamm, Shanna Hamm 

Joh n H a dden, Ga be LI oyd 

Joel Hynek 

Karen Vaughn 

RobinHynek, Carrie Burke, 

Jessica Palivoda, Michaela Romano- Meade, 

Cody McCa be, B ri a n Ch a t wi ck 

Midiael Powers, DeirdreNegrini, 

Westonllapp, Joe Burke 

Special 'lhanks 

Bob Law, Joel Hynek 

Glenn DeVoti, Bill Cooper 


Cheri Hulton, Tanya's Grandpa rents, 

Joan Powers, Odi lie Carpenter, Anne Cross Roll and 

All the Parents and Family of the cast ami crew, 

Friends of the Arts, Kolbume School 

JimBeckwith, Paul B a mum. Ma rt h a Barnum, FredFinkle, 

Nancy Loder, Rick Blackburn, DavidMacNeil, Lindsay Toller 

All the Facul tyaixl Staff of Mt. Everett, 

Andrew Borth wick- Leslie, Jenna Ware, 

Mark So pi one, Karen Torbjornsoiv John Beale 

Photo Credit: Larry Burke 


Stage Managers 

Coslume Designer 


Set Designer 

Li ghting Designer 
Lighting Crew 
Set Const net ion 

Technical Assistants 


Sound Operator 


Poster lira 

g e 



Congratulations and best of luck, graduates. 


DSM l£ Sheffield 

DSM tjj Sheffield 

Sheffield Plastics, Inc. 
1 19 Salisbury Road, 
Sheffield, MA 01257 
Fax 413-229-8717 


Shootin' for the Win 

Varsity girls 1 basketball- 
backrCoach Edleman, Amy Green, 
Alexis Batacchi, Rebecca Hewins, 
Jennifer Bennett, Julianne Savage; 
front: Crystal Warren, Rachel 
Ocain, Jane Reilley, Deirdre 

JV girls' basketball- 

back:Hannah Bracken, Lynn Bennett, 
Katherine Vallianos, Danielle 
McQuarrie, Julianne Savage;front: 
January Sarno, Jenna Brazie, 
Deirdre Negrini, Crystal Warren, 
Patricia Bassett, Danielle Giulian. 

Opposite page-top left: 
Rachel Ocain,top right:Cara 
Storti, Deirdre Negrini, Rachel 
Ocain, Jane Reilley, Rebecca 
Hewins, Robin Hannum, middle left: 
Jane Reilley .middle center: 
Jennifer Ullrich.middle right: 
Jennifer Bennett, Jane Reilley, 
Jennifer Ullrich, Rachel Ocain, 
bottom left:Jennifer Bennett, 
Rachel Ocain, Amy Green. 


Elizabeth A. Mach 
Marketing Administrator 

P.O. Box 1308, Pittsfield, MA 01202 
(413) 236-3131 • FAX (413) 4474725 • 1-800-773-5601 

1999 Aurigan 

~ 75 


Shootin' to Score 

Varsity boys' basketball- 
back: Coach Higgins, Coach Balcom, 
Weston Happ, Joseph Schneider, Joh 
Warren, James Law, Jason Learnard. 
William Schiller, Joseph Gulotta, 
Robert LeBeau, Ezra Small, Antin 
Milukas, David Hall, Coach Conrow; 
front: Michael Powers, Alex 
Shmulsky, Jeremy Vallianos 
Joshua King, Brandon Ormsbee. 
Bottom left:Michael Powers ; bottom 
right: Robert LeBeau, James Law. 

Opposite page-top left: 

Jeremy Vallianos, Weston Happ; top 
center:Robert LeBeau; top right; 
Ezra Small. Middle left: James Law; 
middle center: Joshua King, John 
Warren; middle right: Jason 
Learnard, Ezra Small, Michael 
Powers. Bottom left: James Law, 
Robert LeBeau, John Warren, Willian! 
Schiller, Joseph Schneider; bottom 
right: Joshua King, Weston Happ. 

\ fjQ 


271 Main Street 
Gt. Barrington 


The Berksh ires' only global bank with 
twelve offices countywide including: 

Main Street 


Member FDIC 

Mount Everett SADD Chapter 

Wishes "Good Luck" to 
the Class of 1998 



Pinning for the Prize 

Varsity wrestling-top row: 

Coach Leneau, Jessica Wilson, 
Bonnie Krasinski, Courtney 
Hitchcock;middle row:Dylan 
Moulton, David Ohman, James 
Collingwood, Brian Tyler, Sungsoo 
Lim, Ian Fitzgibbon-Bizel, John 
Clouser; bottom row:Christopher W. 
Doyle, John Giacoia, Lucas Moulton. 

Bottom left:Christopher W. 

Doyle, John Giacoia, Lucas Moulton, 

Coach Leneau, Coach Lupiani. 

Opposite page-top left: 

Coach Leneau, James Collingwood, 
Joshua Baker, John Giacoia, Coach 
Lupiani, Brian Tyler; top right: 
Brian Tyler;middle Ieft:Lucas 
Moulton;middle right:Dylan 
Moulton; bottom left:John Giacoia; 
bottom right:Ian Fitzgibbon-Bizel. 

■ "S'f7':':€, 


Wheeler & 
78 Taylor, Inc. 

96 Main Street 
Sheffield, MA 01257 


333 Main Street 
Great Barrington, MA 01230 

Main Street 
Stockbridge, MA 01262 

White Knight Records 

288 Main Street 

Great Barrington, MA 01230 

Ron White, owner 

(413) 528-9466 


44 Railroad Street 

Gt. Barrington, MA 01230 


Full Service Florist & Gift Shop 


Mkmuiiii or a i ii ii I-- 
Jtttgat ttff m i#<; 

Publications Consultant 
(413) 599-6629 
Fax (41 3) 599-0262 

Printing and Publishing 
2205 Boston Road i-86 
Wilbraham, MA 010S5 



Icing the Competition 


89 Main Street 
Canaan, CT 06018 

Canaan Country Florist 

6E Main Street 

Canaan, CT 06018 

Flowers make the difference 


Gerry Cosby & Co., Inc. 

Athletic Outfitters - Equipment 

103 S. Undermountain Rd. 

Sheffield, MA 01257 

413-229-6600 - Fax 229-3792 



Varsity hockey — back: Garre 
Simms, Coach Batacchi, Chri 
McCullen, John Flynn, 
Christopher Doyle, Douglas 
Campbell, Joseph Burke, TimlrU 
Trombley, Michael Pshenishnj 
Michael Dutil, Ged Allen, 
Joshua Brooks, Vanessa Poulc 
Tara Blackwell; front row: 
Katherine Piernock, Lincoln 
Lipsky, Joshua Nazur, James 
Janusz, Jason Piernock, Jason 
Cross, Russell Holdredge; 
front: Jeremy Losaw. Candids 
middle: Vanessa Poulos; Bryar 
Chadwick; Jason Cross. Candii 
bottom: Lincoln Lipsky, Josepl 
Burke, Jason Piernock. 



Gulotta's Mobil Servi 

Main Street 

Sheffield, MA 01257 





ou've Got the Spirit! 


eaders — standing: Carrie 
,;, Robin Hannum, Lee-Ann 
ir. Melanie Chapman, Coach 
. middle: Cara Storti, 
an Janusz, BobbieJo Houle; 
: Victoria Bassett, 
e Curtiss. Picture bottom 
top: Victoria Bassett; 

die: Robin Hannum, Lee-Ann 

r, Cara Storti; bottom: 

anie Chapman; Picture bottom 

t — standing: Carrie 

tiss. Lee-Ann Agar, Jessica 

am, Meaghan Janusz, Melanie 

ipman; middle: BobbieJo 

ule, Cara Storti; seated: 

toria Bassett. 

[mpoco's Video 

54 State Road 

it. Barrington, MA 01230 


Kenver Ltd. 

Ski Specialists 

So. Egremont MA 01258 

413-528-2330 - Fax 528-2396 


Best Wishes to the Class of 1998 

Silk's Variety 

Main Street, Village Green 
Sheffield, MA 01257 

Tomich Landscape Design 

& Construction Inc. 

P.O. Box 369 

Sheffield. MA 01257 

413-229-2945 - Fax 229-2340 


FACULTY 1997-98 

The 1997-1998 school year precedes self-study for accreditation 
scheduled for fall, 1999. Prior to the self-study, 7-12 faculty is 
committed to aligning its curriculum with the state frameworks. 
For the first time in district history, curriculum work will be done 
in K-12 committees. 

Eric Blackburn, BA,MS; Music, Band Dir 

Carolann Boardman, PrinSec, AsstAthDir 

Patricia Boland, BS,MEd; Health Coor, PrMedAdv 

Patricia Boteze, BA,BS, Food Service Director 

Dianna Bonneville, BA; SoSt, HthClsAdv, SADD 

Marcia Brolli, BA; English 

Joann Callaghan, BA; OMEGA 

Carol Castino, SPED 

Sheila Chamberlin, BS,MEd; K-12 Tchr/deaf 

Gordon Conrow, 7-8 Science 

Edgar Davis, BA,MEd; EngDeptLdr, YrbkAdv 

Glenn Devoti, BS,MS,PD; Principal 7-12 

Mary Edwards, BS,MS; 7-8 Science 

Catherine Elliott, BA; WorldLangLdr 

Marie Erwin, BS,MLS; Libr Media 7-12, Fairness 

Ellen Farris, BA,MEd; SPED 

Charles Flynn, BS,MS; Business 

Robert Gauthier, BA,MEd; SocSLdr, 1 IthClsAdv, GolfCch 

Steve Geislinger, Math 

William Gillooly, BA; SocS, 7-8 TeamLdr 

Holly Gingras, ParaProf, 7th-8th SPED 

Rennald Graber, BA; Dean of Students, PeerMedAdv 

Susan Gventer, BA,MS; 9-12 Resource teacher 

Pat Heinsman, BA,MS; 9-12 Guidance, SchHlth, SchCncl 

Patricia Jaouen, BA; 7-8 LangArts 

Joseph Kelley, BA,MEd; SciDeptChr, SBREAMagDrvAdv 

Judy Kinna, RN, 7-12 nurse 

Randall Koldys, BS; 7-8 Science, 7-8 StuCouncil 

Edward Kollmer, BS,MA; 7-8 Math, GED, GmgClbAdv 

Nancy Larose, BS,MS; Family/Cnsmr Sci, SchHlth, SchCncl 

Robert Law, AA, DirEvents, PeerLdrAdv 

Nancy Loder, BA,MS; Music 

Donald Lucy, BBA; Math, PromAdv, lOthClsAdv, Fairness 

James MacDonald, SALE 

David MacNeill, Media, MorningShowDir 

Christine Martin BA,MA; WorldLang, Spanish 

John Martin, BA,MEd; SALELdr, 1 IthClsAdv, VarBsblCoach 

Paul Menin, BA; 7-8 SocSt, DrvrEd, AdltWtLftDir 

Kelly Milan, BS; 5-10 PhyEd/Health, GirlsVarSocCch, AthDir 

George Milukas, BA; 7-8 Math, QuizTeamAdv 

Paul O'Brien, BA,MA; TechEdLdr, SADD Adv, Proj-E 

Thomas Ostheimer, BA,MEd; SocSt/Drama, JVGrlSccrCch, 12thClsAdv 

Heidi Palivoda, SALE/Caseworker, PeerLdrAdv 

Robin Perilli, BS, SPED 

David Pottle, BA,MEd; Guidance 

Alice Ramsey, BA; 9-12 Science 

Peggy Reeves, BA,MS; ArfTchrLdr 

Catherine Rueger, BS; 9-12 Math 

C. Wayne Seavey, BS; PhysEd 

Thomas Simon, BA; 7-8 AltProgram, Clncllnstr 

Janice Storti, BS,MA; English, NHS Adv, GradAdv 

James Thomas, BS; Math/Science, MathDeptLdr 

Martha Thomson, BA; Art, GradAdv, SBREA Ngtns 

Catherine A. Tower, MEd; SpecialEdDir 

Brenda Ullrich, BA,BS,MA; 7-12 Guidance, SchAdjCnslr 

Thomas Vreeland, BA; TEK2000, CmptrNetwrkDir 

Deborah Wollwerth, BS; 7-8 LangArts 

Mr. Blackburn 

Mrs. Bonneville 

Mrs. Brolli 

Mr. Flynn 

Mr. Gauthier 

Mr. Geislinger 

Mr. Lucy 

Mr. MacNeill 

Ms. Martin 

Ms. Reeves 

Mr. Simon 


Ms. Castino 

Mr. Conrow 

Mr. Davis 

Mrs. Edwards 

Mrs. Elliott 

Ms. Erwin 

Ms. Farris 

Mr. Gillooly 

Mrs. Gingras 

Mrs. Gventer 

Mrs. Jaouen 

Mr. Koldys 

Mr. Kollmer 

Mrs. Larose 

Mr. Martin 

Mrs. Milan 

Mr. Milukas 

Mr. O'Brien 

Mr. Ostheimer 

a J ■ 

Mr. Pottle Ms. Ramsey 

Mrs. Storti 

Mr. Thomas 

Ms. Thomson 

Mrs. Ullrich 

Mrs. Wollwerth 



Mrs. Agar 

•». s 

■ 1 


Mrs. Balacclii 

Mrs. Boaraman 


Mrs. Bodi 


Mr. Finlde 

Mrs. Hardisty 

Mrs. Hull 

Mrs. King 

Ms. Miles 

Ms. Tremont 

Ms. Tyler 

Mrs. Wright 




Dr. William Cooper 

Mr. Kevin Fox 
Business Manager 

Mr. Glenn DeVoti 
7-12 Principal 

Mr. Rennald Graber 
Dean of Students 


At left and telow: Mr. 

Ostheimer, Mrs. Cnristman, 
Mrs. Bonneville, Mr. Morrison, 
Mr. O'Brien, and Mr. Higgins. 


Mr. Jed Lipsky, chairman 

Mr. Arthur A. Batacchi, Jr., vice-chairman 

Mr. Lawrence J. Burke, asst. secretary 

Mr. Dale Alden 

Mr. Douglas Blume 

Ms. Susan B. Haupt 

Mr. Paul Marcel 

Ms. Lucy Prashker 

Mr. Dek Tillett 

Mrs. Carolyn Ullrich 




A Administration 

F Faculty 

P Personnel 

97— Alumni 
1 2— Senior 

97 Adams Joseph 54 

9 Agar Arnold 34 

12 Agar Lee-Ann 81,81,681 

11 Agar Michelle 28,38 
p Agar Mrs. 84 

12 Anselmi Angela 4,17,18,19,25, 


8 Astore Claire 44,52 

9 Bachetti Brian 34 
8 Bachetti Greg 44 

7 Baird Emily 46,68 

1 1 Baker Joshua 28,38,39,54,56, 

8 Baker Sudi 

F Balcom Coach Mike 52,76 

7 Ball Amanda 46,66 

10 Ball Jesse 30,31 

8 Ball Sara 44,52,60 

8 Bangs Stephanie 39,44,66 
7 Barnum Craig 46,64 

1 1 Barnum Glen 28,54 

10 Barnum Tabitha 31 

9 Barnum William 34 

9 Bartow Aaron 34,39,42 

1 1 Bartow Nicholas 28,39,66 

7 Bassett Alexandra 39,46,68 
9 Bassett Christine 34,38,39,60, 

7 Bassett Pamela 46,68 

7 Bassett Patricia 46,74 

8 Bassett Victoria 44,66,67,81 

11 Batacchi Alexis 24,25,28,38,39, 

F Batacchi Coach 80 
p Batacchi Mrs. 84 

7 Beckwith Anthony 46 

12 Beckwith Ernest 4, 13, 18, 19,20, 


9 Beckwith Peter 35,39,43,55,60 

10 Beham Jessica 3,30,32,38,39,81 

9 Bell Michael 17,35,54,56 

10 Bennett Jennifer 32,38,39,58, 


8 Bennett Lynn 44,66,67,74 
97 Bennett Nicholas 54 

F Blackburn Mr.Eric 82 

11 Blackburn Stephanie 24,28,39,42 

9 BlackweU Tara 35,38,60,80 
7 Bliss Joshua 46 

P Boardman Mrs.CarolAnn 84 

P Bodnar Mrs.Estella 84 

F Boland Mrs.Patricia 38 

9 Bonadies Whitney 35,60 

F Bonneville Mrs.Diana 39,82,85 

A Boteze Mrs.Patricia 

9 Bowman Shawn 55 

9 Bracken Hannah 34,35,39,52,62, 

7 Brazie Jenna 46,74 

1 1 Brazie Ronald 28 

7 Broggi Katy Marie 46 
F Brolli Mrs.Marcia 82 

10 Brooks Adam 32,64,72 

1 2 Brooks ]oshua 4, 1 3, 1 7,24,38,39, 

1 2 Brooks Kenneth 4,43 

8 Brown Hailey 44 

10 Buchte Joseph 32,39,43 
10 Burke Carrie 32,48,71 
1 2 Burke Joseph 4, 1 7, 1 8,25,48,50, 

7 Butler Precious 46 

8 Butler Rebecca 44 

1 Bynack Michael 30,32 
7 Bynack Stephen 46 

9 Bynack Todd 35 
7 Byrne James 46 
F Cachat Mr.David 

1 1 Caldwell Geoffrey 28 
F Callaghan Mrs.Joann 

1 2 Cameron Erin 

1 Cameron Kristin 

1 2 Cameron Scott 4, 1 3, 1 5,72 
10 Campbell Douglas 32,80 

7 Campbell Lauren 39,43,46 
97 Cane Vaiana 52,53,58 

1 2 Canger Brooke 4 

8 Canger Lee 44 

9 Carlotto Adam 34,35 
x Carlson Amanda 52,53 

7 Carlson Andrew 46 

8 Carlson Christopher 
8 Carlson Daniel 44 

8 Carpenter Chelsea 44,52,62 

10 Carpenter Helen 30,32,48,52,53, 

97 Carpenter Jamie 58 

7 Carpenter Jeb 46 

8 Carson Graham 44 
F Castino Ms.Carol 83 

8 Catsos Ashleigh 39,43,22,44 

10 Catsos Christopher 30,32 

1 2 Chadwick Bryan 4,20,39,42,43, 

F Chamberlin Mrs.Shelia 

9 Champagne Matthew 35 

1 Chapman Melanie 3 1 ,32,73,8 1 

8 Childs Abigail 44 

P Christman Mrs.Jean 23,85 

1 1 Clouser Allen 

9 Clouser John 35,78 
97 Cole Jonah 50,51 

7 Coleman Patrick 

9 Collingwood James 35,43,78,79 

97 Conklin William 54,56 

F Conrow Coach 76 

F Conrow Mr.Gordon 83 

P Consolini Mrs.Melissa 3 

1 1 Cook Andrew 28,54 
A Cooper Dr. William 84 

8 Coster Amillie 39,43,44,66 
8 Crawford Andrew 39,42,44 
1 1 Crawford Emilie 28,68 

7 Cromwell William 46 

9 Cronin Jeremiah 35 

8 Cross Adam 39,44 

1 2 Cross Jason 5, 1 8, 1 9,39,42,43, 

F Curtis Coach Lee 66 

10 Curtis Jennifer 32,38,48,62 
10 Curtiss Carrie 30,32,38,39,62, 


9 Curtiss Holly 35 

9 Curtiss Jeffery 35 

10 Curtiss Sarah 32,39,48,62 
9 Gishwa Birdie 22,35 

9 D'Allessio Stephanie 35 
9 Daloni Gino 35 
9 Dattolo Eric 35,72 

9 Davis Amanda 35 

8 Davis Ashley 43,44,62,66 

10 Davis Doug 32,39 
1 Davis Melissa 

F Davis Mr.Edgar 42,83 

9 Dean Chad 18,35 

9 Deloatch Cory 35 

7 Dembrousky Chloe 

8 Dempsey Kenneth 44 
8 Demrousky Alix 44 

8 Dennison Amanda 44 
A Devoti Mr.Glenn 84 

1 Dietsch Jayson 32 

F Dodge Coach Steve 54 
8 Domacki William 

7 Donovan Kristeena 46 

1 2 Doyle Christopher W. 2,5, 1 7, 

1 2 Doyle Christopher 2,5, 1 5,24, 
39,42,50,5 1 ,58,60,64,65,80 

8 Doyle Tiffany 44 

1 2 Driscoll Robert 2,5, 1 3,2 1,38, 

1 1 Dudek Benjamin 28 

9 Dudek Isaac 35 

9 Dumont Raymond 35,39 

10 Dupont Benjamin 32,39,64 

1 2 Edelman Emily 5,42 

F Edleman Coach Jim 74 
F Edwards Mrs.Mary 83 

7 Eichstedt Emily 46 

1 Eichstedt Jason 32,60 
1 2 Eichstedt Michael 
F Elliott Mrs.Catherine 72,83 
9 Errichetto Elizabeth 35 
F Erwin Ms.Marie 38,83 
9 Escobar Carolina 35 

8 Escobar Edwin 44,64 
8 Faedi John 44,64 

1 2 Fales Alice 5, 1 0, 1 5, 1 7,20,39, 

8 Farnum Dustin 44 
F FarrisMs.Ellen83 
8 Fedell Bernadette 44 
97 Fedell Robert 58 
97 Feffee Corey 54 

7 Feldman William 46,66 
P Finkle Mr.Fred 84 

8 Finn Cassandra 44,62,66 

7 FitzGibbon-Bizel Kelle 46 

9 Fitzgibbon-Blzel Ian 35,78 

8 Flach Brian 44 

1 2 Flynn John 2,5, 1 5,25,38,39,42, 

F Flynn Mr.Charles 82 
A Fox Mr.Kevin 84 

7 Frost Julie 46 

1 Frost Shannon 32,48 

9 Fulcher Stacey 35,39 

8 Gage Christopher 44 
8 Garcia Rebecca 44 

1 1 Garlow-Kent Jakob 28 

8 Garretson Eleanor 39,44,68 

1 Garretson Julia 32,62 

F Gauthier Mr.Robert 28,54,56, 

F Geislinger Mr.Steven 23,82 

8 Germain Lauren 43,44 

9 GeroKimberly 24,35 

1 2 Giacoia John 5, 1 0, 1 3, 1 8,20,2 5, 

8 Gibbs Donald 44 

8 Gilligan Aidan 44,64,66 
F Glllooly Mr. William 83 

9 Gingras Jacob 35 

F Gingras Mrs.Holly 83 
9 Giulian Danielle 34,35,38,39, 

8 Giulian Joseph 44,64 

9 Glaszcz Joseph 60 

7 Goldfarb Aaron 46 

9 Gomez Kristina 35,48,60 

8 Gonzalez Lucas 44,64 
A Graber Mr. Ren 84 

8 Granger Krlstofer 44 

9 Green Amy 24,34,36,38,39,52, 


8 GuidiRyan44 

9 Gulotta Joseph 36,39,42,54,56, 

F Gventer Mrs.Susan 83 
9 Hadden Reilly 36,60 
12 Haddock Tina 5, 1 5 
9 Haer Jason 
12 Hall David 6,1 5,38,76 
12 Hamm Ellen 2,6,17,18,19,21,38, 

39,42,43,50,5 1 ,58,60,62,63 

9 Hamm Gordon 36 

10 Hamm Shanna 32,38,39,52,62,71, 

8 Handlowich Marybeth 44 

9 Hannum Robin 36,38,39,48,68, 

7 Happ Chelsea 43,46,62 

9 Happ Weston 36,39,54,56,64,65, 

1 2 Hardisty Heather 6, 1 5, 1 9,24, 

p Hardisty Mrs. 84 
9 Hardisty Richard 36,54 

7 Harrigan Caitlin 43,46 

8 Harrison Heidi 44 

1 1 Haworth Maria 24,28,39 

9 Haworth Tobey 24,36,38,23,39 

7 Heckendorn Matt 46 
F Heinsman Mrs.Patricia 

1 1 Henderson Christa 25,28,38,39, 

8 Herndon Ashley 39,44,66 

8 Hersey Amber 44 
7 Hescock Keith 46 

9 Hewins Dustin 36 

1 Hewins Eric 32 

1 I Hewins Rebecca 28,68,69,74,75 
p Higgins Mr.Chuck 54,85,76 
9 Hitchcock Courtney 24,36,38, 

7 Holdredge Christine 43,46,62 
9 Holdredge Russell 36,80 
9 Holst-Grubbe Krista 36,73 

I I Horowitz Shimon 28,60 

9 Houle Bobbiejo 3,36,72,81 
7 Houle KeriAnn 46 
P Hull Mrs.Beth 84 

1 1 Hutton Jessica 29 

1 2 Hutton Tanya 2,3,6, 1 0, 1 8,20, 

7 Ide Kristin 46,68 

I I Ide Lindsay 29,38 

F Ingersol Mr.Russel 64 
1 2 Jamieson Neil 

7 Janusz Amanda 43,46,62 
10 Janusz James 30,80 

9 Janusz Meaghan 23,34,36,62,8 1 
F Jaouen Mrs.Patricia 83 

1 Johnston Justin 

1 Jones Nathaniel 32 

9 Karch Heather 36 

8 Karch Richard 44 

8 Karch Robert 44 

F Kelley Mr. Joseph 23 

1 2 Kellogg Franklyn 1 3, 1 7, 1 8, 1 9 

10 Kellogg Peter 32 
97 Kern Emily 58 

1 1 Ketchen Brian 28,29,38,39,64 

9 KeyKristy36 

10 King Joshua 30,32,38,54,64,65, 

P King Mrs.Linda 84 

P Kinna Mrs.Judy 

7 Knowles Amanda 46 

F Koldys Mr. Randall 43,83 

F Kollmer Mr.Edward 42,83 

97 Kopetchny Kathryn 52,58 

9 Krasinski Bonnie 24,36,38,39, 

F Krol Coach Robert 52 

12 Krzynowek Chad 6,8,18,38,39,5* 
1 2 LaRose Amanda 6, 1 3 

1 2 Labshere Tracy 6 

7 Lahert Thomas 46 

97 Lamanno Margherita 58 

9 Lampila Alex 36,22,64 
F Lapierre Coach 55 

10 Larkin Ryan 31,32 

F Larose Mrs.Nancy 83 

1 1 Law James 29,54,60,76,77 
F LawMr.Bob38 


97 Law Robert 48,58 

8 Lawrence Andrea 39,44,68 

11 Lawrence Megan 29,38,50,51,68, 

12 LeBeau Robert 6,38,76,77 

1 2 Learnard ]a$on 6, 1 5, 1 8,54,64, 

9 Learnard Kevin 36,64 
8 Lehmann Crystal 44 

F Leneau Coach 78,79 

8 Levin ]acob 44 

1 1 Lewis Nicholas 29,39 
7 Li Chiang 46 

1 2 Licata Meghan 7 

9 Liebsch Rebecca 36 

1 1 Lim Sungsoo 29,38,39,43,60,64, 


1 2 Lim Un Jung 7, 1 7, 1 8,2 1 ,38,39, 

F Loder Mrs.Nancy 

7 Lombardi Christine 46,62 

8 Lombardi Melissa 43,45,52,62 
1 2 Lord Kristie 2,7, 1 3, 1 8,39,58, 

1 1 Losaw Robert 29 

9 Lou Crystal 36 

7 Love Kyle 46 

8 Love Matthew 55 

7 Lucey Edward 46 

F Lucy Mr.Donald 30,38,39,82 
F Lupiani Coach 78,79 

8 Lupovich Michael 45,55,64 
F MacDonald Mr.)ames 30,38 
F MacNeill Mr.David 39,82 

7 MacchiMark46 

8 Macy Hilary 45 

11 Macy Jason 29,39,42,43 
97 Magallanes Sergio 58 

1 1 Magill Jeannette 29,39 

1 2 Malnati Cara 2,7, 1 7,20,38,39, 

8 Mancini ]ames 45 
8 Mandeville Jacob 

8 Marchione Megan 39,45 
7 Marchionne Jenna 39,46 
x Markham Adam 32 

9 Martin Keith 36 

F Martin Mr.John 28,54,83 

F Martin Ms.Christine 82 

1 2 Martin Robert 7, 1 5, 1 7,39,43,64 

7 Martin Sadie 46 

1 Mastroianni Kellee 32,48 

8 Mather Bethany 39,45,66,67 
97 Mather Justin 58 

9 Mazeralle Casey 36,66,67,73 
9 Mazeralle Matthew 36,38,73 
9 Mazur James 36,62 

1 2 McCabe Cody 7,39,42,54,56 
8 McCabe Flonn 45,71,73 

8 McCormlck-Yonnone Nola 72 
7 McQuarrie Danielle 46,74 

F Menin Coach Beth 8 1 
F Menin Mr.Paul 
7 Mercer John 46 

9 Mercer Selena 36,73 

8 Meyer Jessica 45 
7 Mielke Claire 43,46 
F Milan Mrs.Kelly 83 
P Miles Ms.Marge 84 

1 1 Milliken Jesse 29 

10 Milukas Antin 30,32,39,42,64, 

F Milukas Mr.George 83 

7 Mistretta Katharine 46 

8 Monda Allison 45 
1 Monteleone Mick 

12 Moore Anne 10,58 

7 Morey Jerry 46 

9 Morin Anita 36 

F Morrison Coach Tom 64,85 
1 2 Moskowitz Mary Beth 7, 1 7, 1 8, 

9 Moulton Dylan 36,55,78 

1 2 Moulton Lucas 2,7, 1 3, 1 7,2 1 ,39, 

10 Negrini Deirdre 25,32,38,39, 

12 Nettleton David 3,7,15 

8 Nevone Tina 43,45 

8 Nicolai Heather 45,52 

F O'Brien Mr.Paul 39,43,83,85 
1 2 Ocain Rachel 2,8, 1 0, 1 3, 1 5, 1 8, 
1 9,24,25,38,39,42,58,60,74,75 

10 Ohman David 32,66,78 

9 Oleen John 36 

1 2 Oliveira Lea 1 5,62,67 
97 Ollivierra Jamarlon 54,58 

8 Olmsted Matthew 45 

9 Ormsbee Brandon 36,76 

9 Ornstil Phillip 25,34,37,39, 

F Ostheimer Mr.Thomas 62,83,85 
9 Palivoda Jessica 34,37,38,39, 

F Palivoda Mrs. Heidi 38 

9 Palmer Cheryl 37 

1 1 Palmer Crystal 29 
8 Palmer Cynthia 

8 Parks Andrea 45 

1 Parmalee Charles 
xx Parsons Noah 4 1 ,42 

9 Pastori Jillian 23,37,38,39 

8 Pastori Kyle 45 

7 Peck Donald 46 
F Perilli Mrs.Robin 

A Peron Mr.John 50,51 

10 Philbrick Cassandra 32,38,39,68 
97 Philbrick Ian 50,51 

1 1 Plernock Jason 29,80 

9 Plernock Katherine 37,68,69,80 
97 Pilot Jeffrey 54,56,58 
lOPixley April 32 

8 PlxleyPennie 45 
7 Piatt Alan 46 

1 1 Pollock Margaret 

9 Pothul]ohn37 

1 I Pothul Melinda 29 
F Pottle Mr.David 83 
I 2 Poulos Vanessa 2,8, 1 0, 1 5,24, 

7 Poulter Christopher 46 
97 Powers Daniel 58 
9 Powers Michael 37,39,64,65,76, 


7 Prew Mandy 46 
9 Prew Richard 37 
9 Pultz James 37 

8 Pultz Tania 45 

9 Pulver Joseph 37,39,42 

9 Race Jennifer 37,39 
F Ramsey Ms. Alice 83 

1 Reed Brendan 32 

F Reeves Ms.Peggy 82 

9 Reid David 37 

1 2 Reilley Erin 8, 1 3, 1 8, 1 9,24,39, 

12 Reilley Jane 2,3,8, 15, 18, 19, 


9 Rischner Candice 37 

7 Rivers Trent 39,42,46 

8 Robinson Kelly 45 

7 Roger Travis 72 

1 Rogers Darlene 32 

1 Rogers David 32,39 

8 Romano-Meade Michaela 22,39, 

1 2 Root Jason 

7 Rosenthal Cody 47,72 

9 Rosier Kevin 37 

7 Rossano Margaret 43,47 

7 Rote Ashley 47 

x Rubinska Anna 39 

97 Ruch Bernadetta 50,68 

8 Ruch Margaret 45 

F Rueger Mrs.Catherine 82 
F Rueger Ms.Denise 
7 Rush Ashley 47 

10 Sarno January 30,31,32,38,39, 

10 Savage Julianne 32,38,39,52, 

1 2 Sawtelle Jessica 2,8, 1 7,39,50, 


9 Scapin Aaron 37,39,42 
7 Scapin Michael 47 

97 Schiller Rachel 58 

1 2 Schiller William 8, 1 3, 1 5, 1 7, 

97 Schmidt Ole 54 
1 2 Schneider Jennifer 8, 1 3, 1 7,2 1 , 


10 Schneider Joseph 22,32,39,43, 

1 Schoonmaker Eric 32,60 

7 Schopp Caroline 43,47,62 

8 Schuu Erin 39,42,45 
1 2 Schwab Kady 8 

97 Scott Christine 52,53 
8 Scott Suzanne 45 
F Seavey Mr. Wayne 

8 Selby Marc 45,64 

9 Shaw Andrew 37 

1 Shmulsky Alex 32,39,54,76 
7 Shmulsky John 47,64 

1 Shmulsky Matthew 32 

7 Silk Amanda 47 

8 Silk Joshua 45 

8 Silvernail Anthony 39,42,45 
1 Simms Garrett 80 
8 Simo Brittany 39,45 
F Simon Mr.Tom 82 
7 Siok Timothy 47,64 

10 Siskin Matthew 32,22,48 

1 1 Small Ezra 24,28,29,39,64,76,77 

7 Smedley Jennifer 43,47 

8 Smith Charles 55 

8 Snow Alexander 45 
F Snyder Ms.Theresa 62 
97 Soldati Cheryl 58 

8 Soper Christopher 45,55,64 

9 Soper William 37 

10 Sottile Emily 31,32,38,39,48,60 

1 1 Spaulding Erin 29,38,39,43,71 
9 Spaulding Jeffrey 37,39,43 

7 St.Pierre Adam 47 

8 Stedman John 45 

9 Stevens Thomas 

11 Storti Cara 29,38,62,75,81 
F Storti Mrs.Janice 43,83 

10 Sullivan Heather 32 

1 1 Tanner Sarah 29,38 
1 Taylor Amanda 32 

9 Temenos Cristina 37,39,68 
9 Thieriot Amanda 37,39 
7 Thieriot Michael 47 

1 2 Thomas Kevin 8, 1 3, 1 7,2 1 ,39,42 
F Thomas Mr. James 83 

1 2 Thomson Justin 9, 1 0, 1 7 
F Thomson Ms.Martha 83 

1 I Thorn Amanda 29,38,39 
1 2 Tighe Christina 2,9, 15,18,19, 

7 Tillett Alix 43,47,62 
97 Tillett Chelsea 58 
97 Tinker Elissa 50,51 

8 Tinker Rylan 45 

7 Tomich Adam 3,47,64 
10 Tomich Jennifer 25,30,32,39, 

7 Torrico Brian 47,64 

9 Touponce Erica 37 

1 Tower Thaddeus 3 1 ,32,64 
1 Towle Jennifer 32 

8 Tranter Brian 45 
p Tremont Ms. 84 
1 Tryon Shawn 60 
F Tuller Ms.Llndsey 

1 I Turner Caleb 29,54 

9 Turner Darrell 37 

I I Turner Jeremy 29,43 
8 Turner Lindsay 45,66,67 

10 Turner Matthew 30,32 

8 Twlng Jonathan 45 
7 Twing Reginald 

10 Tyler Ashley 32,38,39 
I 2 Tyler Brian 9, 1 3, 1 7,24,30,38, 

9 Tyler Keith 37 
p Tyler Ms. 84 

97 Ullrich David 54,56,58 

1 1 Ullrich Jennifer 29,38,39,43, 

F Ullrich Mrs.Brenda 83 
1 1 Ullrich Shannon 29,39,52,53, 


1 1 Vaczy Jessica 29 

9 Vaczy Tiffany 34,37,39 

7 Vadakin Amy Lynn 

8 Vadakin David 45 

1 2 Vallianos Jeremy 9, 1 3,39,42, 

9 Vallianos Katherine 24,34,37, 


7 VanDeusen Danielle 47,66,67 
97 VanDeusen Jeremy 58 

F VanOrman Mrs.Kathy 50 

1 2 Vaughan Joseph 9, 1 0, 1 8,38,39, 

I I Vaughan Karen 29,39,50,5 1,52, 


10 Vickerman Amber 30,32,38,48,52 

1 1 Voorhees Amari 1 3, 1 8, 1 9,29,38, 

F Vreeland Mr.Thomas 

8 Walsh Eric 45 

7 Walther Ashley 47 

8 Warner Amy 

10 Warren Crystal 32,34,66,22, 

10 Warren John 22,32,76,77 

8 Watlington Keelan 45,71 

9 Watson Jeffrey 37 

1 Webster Abby 30,3 1 ,32,39,48, 

1 2 Webster Julie 2,9, 1 5, 1 8, 1 9,24, 

9 Wells Julia 37 

1 Wheeler John 

97 White Brandon 54 
F White Coach Lloyd 68,69 
F White Coach Maryjane 69 
1 Whlttaker Jennifer 32,60,68, 

10 Wickwire Christopher 32,54,73 
8 Wickwire Shawna 45 

8 Wilkinson Roy 39,42,45 

1 2 Wllllg Petra 2,9, 1 3, 1 5, 1 8, 1 9, 

I I Willig Zachary 28,29,38,39,60, 

7 Willis Martin 
1 Wilson Jennifer 32,48 

9 Wilson Jessica 37,78 
12 Wilson Peter 25 

I I Winder Matthew 29 

7 Wlnseck Ashley 43,47,62 

I I Wlxom Noah 

I 2 Wolten Corlssa 

F Wollwenh Mrs. Debbie 83 

P Wright Mrs.Jane 84 

lOZele Daniel 32 

9 Zele Matthew 37,39,43 

I I Zigmand Jessica 

9 Ziobro Cory 37,39 



We fondly remember 

Chad Hatch Krzynowek 


This yearbook is dedicated with thanks to Mr. Davis, a highly respected member of the Mt. 
Everett community, for 35 years of dedicated service as yearbook advisor, NHS advisor, 

department head, and teacher. 

Our thanks to advertisers: 

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Gulotta's Mobil 80 

Hudson's 67 

lmpoco's 81 

KenversLTD 81 

Lindell C.A 20 

Mom's Restaurant 59 

Nancibarbs 58 

Old Mill 66 

PJ's 63 

SADD 77 

Schneider Donald 58 

Sebastian's 21 

Shea's Pine Tree 21 

Silk's 81 

Snack Shack 58 

Subway 58 

Tom's Toys 68 

Tomich Landscape 81 

Trap Lane Rock 67 

Twin Rivers Farm 66 

Wheeler SC Taylor 78 

White Knight Records...79 
Wild Flowers 79 


Box 4' 

J 5 MA 01257 

04 F' 

P.O. Box 487/41 

*•• Sheffield, MA . 

Pft413-229«7O04 Fax: 7003 



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